Monday, September 19, 2022

Is It Done Yet? Weekend Recap

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system...straight from my hamstrings and calves for no apparent reason because gluing and standing on seams shouldn't do that and yet.  Friday night our workout was emptying the bedroom or else we were going to be setting ourselves back time wise.  When we finally got it out, we discovered that, of course, we didn't luck out the way we did in the office with a level subfloor.  The geniuses who laid it thought it would be more fun to glue a good deal of it down which meant it was going over the  seam and lumped up in several places.  Because we were having carpet laid instead of wood floors, it wasn't their concern.  We did some scraping with our big ol' floor scraper that eventually took care of all of the spots.    You know what else we discovered?  We apparently had water damage on our floor from the old window.

Don't worry, we checked it without our moisture meter and it was totally dry.  The carpet had corresponding watermarks meaning at some point our carpet was soaked through and we didn't even know it!!!  There was no discoloration of the carpet at all that would've signaled an issue so that is quite scary.  The reason we replaced the windows at all was because of a big ass icicle that was in between the panes of glass.  Yep.  There's a picture of it somewhere but thank God we had them replaced.

After that debacle, we were rarin' to go come Saturday morning.

Okay, maybe rarin' was too enthusiastic of a term but you get the drift.  Saturday it was the same as the previous one so you don't need the rundown of measure, cut, glue, line up seams, pound, curse, pound some more, see if that seam is actually a gap or the dark beveled hell that you ordered, pound, tape and repeat.  

Here's about 2/3 from where we ended Saturday night.  I forgot to take a pic when it was in the can for the evening.

Yesterday morning we got to it around 10am and it was time to say goodbye to the 26+ year old carpet in the closet.

There were a lot of finicky boards and notches and it would be no lie that the Mr's sweat has permeated every board in every inch of both rooms.  My feet were waving the white flag so I slipped into some proper attire.

In between, I made meals hoping to fill his energy meter back up much like a video game.  He finished up about 6pm and we just have the hallway left to do.  I say just like it's easy.  I'm pretty sure this turned him off to doing the first floor ever so we'll just have to put up with the creaking until the laminate peels off.    Just glad we got a deal on the second floor stuff.  

The biggest of kudos to the Mr for kicking all of the ass and more both weekends.  I know there's still the hallway and I know he's most anxious about that because of the stair nose and everything but once it's done we can get all of the boxes out of the house which would be awesome because those effers are 83" long!   I've got a LOT of work ahead of me the next three weeks so I may give myself today to rest up if I need it or at least get some painting of woodwork I need to get done so I hope I can find that rogue drop cloth I had.

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun/productive/illegal/mischievous?

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  1. It looks so pretty, hats off to both of you! Hibachi and a bonfire with smores and the cuzzos. Great recharge with them. It sure feeds the soul to have girl timešŸ„°.
    Have a great week!

  2. You guys have made excellent progress and you're in the home stretch!! The floor looks beautiful! My weekend was mostly in the basement plugging along with donating, pitching, moving, and separating stuff into piles for things that people wanted. I did some good sweeping down there this morning and try to do that in every area I'm at because the basement was only roughed in when the house was built so there are little concrete shards and pebbles and that kind of tiny debris, especially wherever the 2x4s are, so it feels like I'm sweeping up a gravel pit. lol I'm going 90% done (maybe 85%) so I'm feeling hopeful to keep on plugging away until it's done. I hope today is a good rest day for you, or at least a puttering day to take care of the smaller things that will make you feel good by the end of the day!

  3. Whew. That's 2 big rooms out of the way. Hallway is small but tricky, but I know we got this! Oh and I don't care about the fact that I wear socks with sandals when I'm doing this kind of work inside... I swear I would NEVER wear them out in public like that, ha ha!


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