Friday, September 30, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #39

Um, how is tomorrow October?  Oh that's right, we reno'd our way through September so we didn't get to enjoy any of it.  Awesome.  😝  

I find it funny that as each project rears it's head that I begin furiously scrolling Zillow looking for a way out.  What I discover each and every time is that no matter where we are, there will be projects.  The downside being that we would have an inflated mortgage for a POS house that we'd have to invest tens of thousands of dollars in on top of what we paid for it.  So it's almost like a way to say "hang in there, you're going to have the house the way YOU want it and for much less than if you bailed and bought some rando house out of just being over it."


Now let's cope with:

8 Best Hip Stretches To Try, Demonstrated By Top Trainers  (Hmm, might have to make this a part of my morning routine when I have a working bedroom!)

7 Healthy Things to Add to Your Coffee  (There is nothing that makes coffee taste good that doesn't involve morphing it into a dessert but I suppose these can help.)

The One Thing To Take Off Your Nightstand To Sleep Better.  Nope, Not Your Phone  (I did this years ago because it was far too stressful during middle of the night wee's.)

45 Cute & Interesting Things To Do As A Couple To Deepen Your Bond  (Always looking for fun ideas we haven't tried yet.)

How to Make a Copycat Nothing Bundt Cake Recipe  (Just make them at home with this recipe and freeze them.  Their quality, like everything else these days, has gone straight in the pooper.  I was so excited when they made Snickerdoodle a regular flavor and it tasted like pure crap.  That was after the Mr got an email asking which would he be willing to do- pay more or have lesser quality ingredients.  Apparently they chose both.) 

50 Of The Most Heartwarming Posts Shared On The 'Wholesome Meets The Internet' Instagram Account  (Love stuff like this!  Y'all better have a dang tissue for #2)

No rest for the wicked.  That comes next weekend when we're officially taking a break because we are just very mentally and physically done.  So I will just push forward with what I can knowing that we're going to have some small break in the clouds.  I'm still not where I wanted to be but much further than we were.  I'm still amazed that as this process has progressed that the Mr didn't mentally snap and walk up to me and be like:

"No more 'summer projects' woman!  A man can only take so much!"  source

(Obviously, he wouldn't lay a hand on me but somehow I feel like in today's world I still have to spell it out for the dip wad who isn't fluent in sarcasm that stumbles upon this and clutches their pearls at the thought.)

What's on tap for you fine folks this first weekend of October?  

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  1. The Wall one was pretty on target for me too! I so hope you can get accomplished what you want to this weekend and into next week so you can look forward to next weekend with a more-than-deserved break. The temperatures will be just right for you guys to get out and enjoy some fall sunshine!
    Today I'll be grocery shopping and doing some house stuff. The hubs works both days this weekend so I'll be going over to the storage unit to see what I can haul out of there and either bring home or donate. Our house got washed by the deck guy and it looks sooooo much better. He even washed the sidewalk out front and as I'm typing this and looking at it I'm amazed how bright it is-- like new concrete! Goes to show I had no clue how dingy it looked before apparently. lol The sealer goes on today so the pooch gets to use the front door for his outdoor activities for the next 2 days.
    Have a good weekend and have some pumpkin delights on hand!!

  2. I know we still have some things to do but I am completely relieved knowing that none of them involve hardwood flooring. Have a great weekend everybody!


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