Friday, September 9, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #36

Oh, hello you!  It's Fridayyyyy!  I'd say I'm ready for the weekend but to paraphrase a wide eyed boy sitting in a pumpkin patch, there's nothing but projects as far as the eye can see.  That means no rest for the wicked and that be us.  We made some decent starts on a few projects.  I am probably 30% polyurethane now after breathing in crap on Monday night that made my throat sore and eyes crusted.  It does stink that we aren't able to really do much to completion just yet without having to switch gears to move on to other aspects that need addressed.  Such is the life of an attempted DIYer.  

(Stuffs is happening for tomorrow)


Now let's move into:

Research Shows That People Who Do Strength Training Live Longer—Start With These 10 Simple Workouts  (And they'll make people think twice about elder abuse when you can kick their asses!)

How to Prevent Dust Before It Forms  (Hazmat suit yourself?)

If You Ever Use A Body Scrub, Don't Make This Common Mistake  (Never really thought about it but makes sense.)

Dance like no one’s watching – and six more ways to recapture childhood fun  (Pretty sure I'm on YouTube for the concerts I give whilst driving.)

10 Hidden Costs of Owning an Electric Vehicle That No One is Talking About  (Um...yikes.  Look, I get it, gas cars=bad for environment.  But the more I read about EV's and the drain on your wallet (they forgot to include the more expensive tires on this list), to quote the cab driver from Home Alone 2 "it ain't much better in here, kid.")

The rules of flying like a decent human  (This article just reminds me of why I hate flying under normal circumstances much less now.  People suck and shouldn't have to be told this stuff.)

Dad puts microphone on 4-year-old son while snowboarding  (OMG, this kid is the cutest!  Treat yo'self and watch the video!  Yeah then just go to the TikTok channel and watch some more.)

I guess it's time for us to put our weekend warrior shirts on and hope for the best.  I don't know what it all entails just yet as we're still formulating our plan but it'll be somethin'.  😳

Whatchu got planned this weekend?  (Please tell me it's better than adventures in DIY!)

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  1. Happy Friday!
    Heading to Indy for a bridal shower.
    Sending good vibes for your project

  2. With the electric cars and home charging station, they also don't tell you the space you need for that where you might not have the room to actually park in your garage, the harder it is to charge in super cold weather, and if you have two cars that are not the exact same make and model, two charging stations will be required in a garage that already offers no extra length for wiggle room. Unreal.
    Weekend is grocery shopping, laundry, and keeping going in the basement. Over 100 boxes gone now.
    Have a great weekend with working through those projects and seeing the fruits of your labor come alive!

  3. I am nervously excited for the projects this weekend but ready! Have a great weekend everybody!


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