Monday, September 5, 2022

Birthday Weekend Recap

Happy Labor Day everyone!  I hope you're able to relax on your day off if you get one.  

It was a nice birthday weekend for me.  Earlier in the week, the Mr bought me flowers to enjoy all week.

I opened some cards from friends and the Mr on my actual birthday.  The Mr picked up a few little candies from a local candy shop as my birthday sweet so as not to thwart the next day's weigh in.  Besides, I knew I had something yummy planned since I'd been saving up two weekends for this:

I just love pulling out the multi-tiered goodie trays I used for our 25th anniversary.

Y'all know how I am about afternoon tea and if you don't...


I'm all over it and I was literally giggling like an idiot the day before.  I had some leftover ricotta and I was happy to find this small batch recipe of ricotta cookies which are one of my faves.  I originally wanted linzer cookies but apparently our almond flour got run over by our moving pantry shelves in the basement and a hole ripped in the bag.  I wasn't up for some extra protein in the form of potential bugs so I just made an indent in the cookies and made thumbprint type cookies pictured above on the scone tier.  Two fat rolls thumbs up.   They were especially good for dunking.

The savory layer was baby quiche, cucumber sandwich, turkey pinwheel and crab salad with asiago on a baby croissant with some fruit skewers.

I'm not a fan of clotted cream and didn't have the patience to make whipped cream so I got the canned stuff and put some festive nonpereils  to jazz up an already amazing raspberry scone.

It was quite good and I felt like Violet about to be juiced by the time it finally wound down but worth it.


To digest, I wept for a few hours watching the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert Chromecasted from YouTube.  It was friggin' amazing.  And for the those of you who may have caught it or are going to watch the edited show, a tip of the largest hat available to Dave Grohl who not only emceed the event but you know, played drums for Rush, bass for The Pretenders, rhythm guitar for AC/DC and guitar for The Police just to name a few!  Then him breaking down on Times Like These and I was a SOBBING MESS.  Homeboy has got to be tired AF right now but so very proud of him for doing it for his best friend who would've been in complete shock his idols came together to honor him.

Then a little birthday cake.  Apparently a popular big box store thinks these are "roses."  

Is anyone else having problems finding good birthday cakes anymore??  Our cakes for the past 2-3 years have been drier than the Sahara from every single bakery or the formula to the frosting has been effed with to make a cheaper more chemical laden product.  Even mom and pop bakeries aren't as good anymore.  We used to get them from the same grocery store for 20 years then they stopped baking in house and it all went to hell.  Pfft.  We literally just ate the frosting and left the guts of the cake to crumble on the plate.

We just chilled for the rest of the day as the concert took us into the 6 o'clock hour for a total of 7 hours.  (Well we probably saw 6 of them since we were able to fast forward through set changes because we started watching at 1pm and it started at 11:30am)  My legs had waved the white flag the night before because between some pretty killer strength workouts and 1-2 mile walks every morning so the rest day was needed since I haven't massaged them.  Plus, I knew we had some plans for the rest of the weekend and I knew I'd better be somewhat recovered for them.  Well, we would've had plans had we been smart and brought up the panels we needed to acclimate for 24 hours before installing like we mentioned Friday night.  😑  If the Mr hadn't remembered when he did, I wouldn't have remembered at all and then we would've gone to do it and been like "um...yeah.  That's a no go."  Technically because they were stacked two high we're supposed to wait TWO days.  Well, we can't lose another whole day so we somehow found a way to get them laid flat separately all over the second floor and hope we didn't step on them for middle of the night pee's.  (We didn't.  Phew)  Then Sunday, we knew we needed to get some drywall for said project but obviously we don't have that kind of room so we'd have to rent one of Home Depot's mighty chariots for an hour.  I placed a pickup order because why not have them load it?  Well, we got a call that the foam board we need was out of stock and even though they have the other brand in stock, they couldn't void that out and add the other more expensive one.  Of course not.  Well, I'm not renting a truck again so I said we'd get what we needed for the other accent wall project and got the store location of it all so we could tear through there like we knew what we were doing.  I stayed with the 'to be paid' order while the Mr rented the truck and grabbed our pick up order.  (FYI- you can rent the truck first and then you tell them when you need them to start the clock.  We did not know this.)

We got $210 worth of crap since we saw it was going to rain around 4pm.  It's 12:30pm, we're all loaded up the second we pull up to the garage, it starts spitting...all over our drywall.  We're running like mad folk trying to get it in the garage at the small pocket of moisture that only exists over our place.  (God laughs)  At that point, we hadn't eaten so I started lunch of Beyond Burger, potato wedges and corn on the cob while the Mr took the truck back.   Oy vey!!

That brings us to today where I hope we can work on that because we're now on a deadline and mama doesn't like deadlines.  At all.

How was your weekend?  Do you get today off?

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  1. Sounds like you had a good Birthday!
    My bro and sisling came into town Friday. We ate and literally sat around until they left yesterday with a few naps in between.
    My laziness continued through last night so I def gotta get something done today.
    Good luck on your project 🤞

  2. Happy Birthday! Your afternoon tea looks delicious!! Good luck with the rest of the project today. I'm not a fan of deadlines either yet I always wait until the last minute. Hopefully it goes quick and smooth and you're able to rest and relax afterwards!

  3. What an amazing afternoon tea that was! I'm glad we watched the Taylor Hawkins special and relaxed because I know we're going to be working our butts off for a while from here on out. Happy Birthday baby!

  4. So happy to hear you had an awesome birthday!! Everything looked and sounded wonderful, and I'm glad you relaxed and enjoyed your day. Best wishes with the project. You have all the stuff needed, so hopefully you'll get a lot done and the deadline won't loom over your head so much.


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