Friday, September 23, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #38

Oh no, it's Friday.  

I know what that means for tomorrow.  


I mean..helloooo and happy Friday to you all!  The glorious weekend is here and it's the first one of official Fall so you know your homegirl is all over that.  (Or would be if she didn't have more gluing and watching her husband likely mumble under his breath why he didn't marry the woman his mom wanted to have an arranged marriage with since high school.)  

Now let's arrange:

7 Morning Stretches to Start Your Day  (Get that body limber and ready for whatchu got going on!)

9 Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Inflammation  (Anything to help get this inflammation fest that has been my body under control is more than welcome!)

15 Rituals to Welcome Fall That Aren't Apple Picking  (Nothing screams Fall like pickleball.  (???)  But there are some other good ideas too and pick those apples y'all!)

The USPS ‘Holiday Season’ Just Got Longer and More Expensive  (Annnnd this is why I send my stuff UPS or FedEx.  USPS is just plain ridiculous.)

A TikTok hack claims to give you a cheap, trendy manicure. Nail techs are begging you not to do it.  (Actually don't do fakes at all.  I absolutely obliterated my natural nails as a teen getting acrylics.  I was a nail biter and those were my only option to hide them.  My nails developed long vertical ridges that look horrible and split at the ridges so they can never grow, the nail beds were never healthy again, they are brittle AF.  I've tried all of the hardeners, protein polishes, etc.  If I'd known, I never would've done it.)

Marlon Williams Finds a Sunnier Mood  (Great write up by The New Yorker.  If you guys haven't heard of or listened to Marlon Williams, you're missing out!  I'd suggest starting with his 2nd album Make Way For Love like I did.  Even better are his videos which always leave me cracking up.  His latest one is no exception.)

16 '80s TV Shows You Definitely Forgot Existed  (There are two I remember, how about you?)

For the third (and hopefully last) weekend in a row, we'll he'll be laying floor in the hallway.  I can't wait to have those damn long boxes out of the house but I know it comes at an aggravating cost.  I try to remind myself we're saving 4-5K by not having it done for us and I know it's of little consolation as I try to placate him with good meals.  I'm glad I pre-made some meals last week like meatloaf and chili that I can just warm up and not worry about.  I know one thing, it will be an immense pleasure to check that task off of the punch list!

What are you sassafras's getting into this weekend?  Let me live vicariously through you!

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  1. That GIF was perfect. I kinda want to just slink back and pretend it's not weekend warrior time again. But I agree it is always nice to check things off a list. Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. Onions, indeed! Bawling my eyes out with sweet Yakoo!! What a wonderful owner he has, too. I will be showing this to hubby momentarily. I remembered 7 out of the shows that were listed.
    This weekend will be a lot of catch up with stuff I brought up from the basement and finding true places to put it all. Then we need to fix a table leg and get that over to ReStore after we go grocery shopping. Basement is now done, so I'll head over to the storage unit on Tuesday and see what thrills await me there. lol
    I hope it's a good weekend for you and you push through that hallway flooring. Grumble all the way if need be, but you'll be thrilled when it is done!! Home stretch, girl. Home stretch. You guys can celebrate mightily very very soon!!


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