Monday, August 29, 2022

Neutral Weekend Recap

'Sup y'all?  Monday is upon us.  I must tell you that if you want a really good workout, just get this toolbox and go up and down on it all day painting.  My mom got it for the Mr when we got married and it's the most evil form of hamstring/glute exercises you can do.  Holy poopballs!

So yes, that would mean I actually painted the bedroom Friday!  

I'm going for a nice neutral that isn't gray anymore but wanted to try a griege and got Benjamin Moore's Tapestry Beige.  (I think it's not coincidence that the initials for the paint are BM because that's about what I had when we bought the paint for eighty friggin' dollars a gallon!  Y'all who are used to that price, tell me where your money tree is.)  

Here's a side by side of what we had from what we went to.

Nothing Earth shattering but we've got gray walls everywhere and I wanted to lean more toward a parchment with everything else that's going to be going on in there...eventually.  I still have some touch ups to do because of course there were some molly screw holes to be filled and sanded.

Speaking of which, do you like my new nightstand?

Nothing like a spackle bucket to balance your morning water, pills and phone on in between boxes of flooring to wake up to every morn.  

Otherwise, it was a low key weekend because my body was BROKEN on Saturday and the Mr needed the rest too.  Sunday we did this workout and got our butts handed to us so I'm sure we're broken again today.  Yeesh!

The Mr has an appointment with a new doc today.  If you could send out some good vibes that he's able to give us some answers from his MRI, that they're good ones and he's not a douchebag which seems to be harder to come by.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I think the room looks great so far but yeah the nightstand could use some improvement!

  2. Nice! Sending positive vibes to Hubs


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