Friday, June 17, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #24

It's time for Friday vibes, yo!  We've made it to the end of the work week and some of you might get an extended Juneteenth weekend.  It was a hot, grody week here with record temps that would fry an egg on your forehead.  Monday the radon folks came and collected their mondo monitor that they had on since the previous Thursday's install.  Our levels were down to .04 which is amazing and we can literally breathe easier.  Later that day, my friend came over and liberated us of quite a few things so we knew they'd be going to a good home.  The Mr's mom gave us a big picture that was cool but I only liked Elvis and the other artists weren't of our era so it never got hung up.  My friend is a huge audiophile with thousands of records and he was more than happy to take it for us.  We also had an air fryer, weighted blanket, a closet organizer that we replaced that I talked about in Monday's post, some clothes organizers for hanging multiple shirts on one hanger and one for pants.  We just had to get rid of some bulkier items or items we were no longer using and it's always nice when you know where those things are going.  Of course we also have another donate box rarin' to go and I have stuff I've donated, pitched and those "I think I still want this but don't have a place for it yet because so much of the room still needs cleaned out" pile.   We also still have the huge box of Dacron for the patio cushions that we thought was going to be the project two weeks ago that we still haven't opened.  😑  

Now let's open up...

7 Foods High in Phosphorus That Boost Bone Strength  (Gotta keep dem bones nice and strong!)

20+ Restaurant Copycat Dinner Recipes for Summer  (Ooh, I see a couple I want to try for sure!)

The Doctor Prescribed an Obesity Drug. Her Insurer Called It ‘Vanity.’  (Oh okay, so we're told to lose weight by docs and insurers but when some decide to get some intervention, it's for 'vanity.'  Gotcha.  🖕)

Anti-fatness in the Surgical Setting  (And if the previous article didn't chap your ass, this one will.)

12 Cleaning Secrets That Only Professionals Know  (I'll take all of the cleaning hacks I can get!)

Here's How to Remove the 8 Most Common Food Stains, According to Cleaning Pros  (Some I'd never likely do but a few were really good suggestions!)

It Started With a Tick Bite. Losing My Husband To Undiagnosed Lyme Disease  (So very important to check yourself and your family but this is a very scary lesson considering what happened it should've been caught.)

39 Translations From Blunt Insults And Angry Emails Into Professional Language  (OMG, I do not miss having to word "you're a dumbass" in such a way that won't get you fired anymore.)

24 Times Teenagers Discovered "Good Old" Music And Were Surprised That Adults Around Them Knew These Bands Very Well  (HAHAHA!  That's right, we knew them first and likely our parents laughed at us as well when our peeps remade classics we didn't know about.)

At this point, we're just hoping power stays on.  We had a small bout with brown outs or whatever you want to call them and when it's the hottest time of the year thus far, that does not make for a happy moi.  I'm sure continuing to tackle the mess in the bedroom will appear in there somewhere.

Which toe is your favorite?  (Just seeing who actually reads to the bottom but feel free to spill weekend plans.)

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  1. I treat all toes equally, no favorites!
    Glad you cleared some extras out, always feels great! Have a great weekend!

  2. My pinky toes look like little curled up balls and the nails are so tiny! ROFL Weekend started off with a run to the grocery store and the hubs is cleaning out a small doggy pool that we are giving to my friend who cuts our hair for her new pup. I have work in the kitchen to do and hopefully I'll get into the basement to dig out some collector's club baskets for a friend who's retiring from where we both worked together (I'll miss the stories from that place! LOL). Sunday the hubs works so I'll do my usual cleaning and garbage/recycle stuff. We broke 6 records so far in the past month from the heat. Tomorrow is supposed to be super nice (low 80s, no humidity) but then it goes right back up to the high 90s and high humidity by Monday. The Impatiens are none to happy about it but the giant planter of Dipladenia are loving it! Enjoy your weekend -- hopefully staying in nice cool air conditioning.

  3. I like my pinky toe just cause it's so small and probably unnecessary in the scheme of things but still acts like it's doing as much work as the big toes are - it's all about the attitude! Have a great weekend everyone!


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