Monday, June 6, 2022

Not What We Planned Weekend Recap

Remember when I said we didn't have anything but a leisurely walk planned for the weekend?  The universe gave us some finger pistols and said "nope, I have other plans for you!"  


Our guest room serves many purposes from the Mr's office, my old office (aka- a pile of sh*t in the corner with 7" of dust on it), a snore respite when the buzzsaw is going off and to say it is not the most serene of places to spend time is an understatement.  While the Mr was putting in his mandatory Friday at work, I decided to tackle the 'my office' part of it that had been sitting there for four years in a heap.  I inhaled a ton of dust but managed to get that part and some other stuff cleared out.  He was quite surprised when he went up for a shower and saw it.  It was time to say goodbye to the awesome cart from World Market that I got about 6 years ago.  The lighting up there was never right for recipes and it just became a waste of space.  A treacherous trip rolling down the stairs and out to the front and a "free" sign later and our neighbor took it.  Then it was time to rearrange some furniture.  Years ago we got some of those cord wranglers that you put along the base of your wall to run cable/cords along the wall.  Well, that lasted less than a year and as the adhesive pooped out, it ripped off paint and drywall with it.  There was no repairing the damage of that without spackling and repainting the entire room which was not happening.  So at this point with half of the contents of the room removed, it made more sense to rip up the builder grade baseboards and replace them with taller ones like we have on the first floor to cover the damage they did.  We had SO many other things we needed to do but this was the only time since we now had furniture being delivered today and up to Thursday to get it done. The Mr pried the old baseboards off using this trim puller which he always says is a God send.  They decided to jam 3 1/2" nails in there so he had to wiggle those out with the pliers as well.  Then it was time to break out the ol' miter saw and see what he could do.  When you're not in that line of work like construction folks are used to, it takes a bit longer.  That's why we always give mad props to those who grew up or are handy.  When we saw all of the pieces lined up then we had to paint them before putting them in place.  Yay.  

I don't mind painting but I'm usually anticipating painting, not getting thrown into it the day after putting my body back into hobble mode.  I threw a plastic drop cloth on the table and painted with what we had leftover from the garage which was thankfully a full can of paint.  Not gonna lie though, my eye started twitching pretty much 10 minutes into it and hasn't stopped.  I so desperately wanted to just get takeout but we committed to no high cal days the next two weeks so it was the make your own pizza we had on the agenda.  I got the fixins for DIY pizzas that we could cook on the grills and at 600 degrees (the Mr really likes to crank it), it only took 3 minutes to burn.

I may have to get another basil plant because we both agreed we really liked it and this plant hasn't taken off yet.  Next time we're going to do Hawaiian and/or BBQ chicken.  In the end though, it really wasn't any better calorie wise than when we split a small from our favorite pizza place but we got a medium crust.  While it should've felt like we got more, the crust was paper thin so it didn't really hold me at all and I wanted to eat my hand an hour or so later.

After a few re-cuts and re-paints, the baseboards were on the wall and my already broken body was like "WHY did you say you would walk tomorrow morning??"  So I couldn't even relax knowing we had a kick back day the next day because we weren't getting that.  

Sunday came earlier than it should have since some effed up dreams woke me at 5am and that was that.  I wondered if it was too late to find a wheelchair rental place because my legs were just not having it.  I knew the only way I could upgrade from army crawl to hobble was with my trusty wooden gua shua tool to try to release my thighs and butt muscles.  The Mr grabbed our watches and we headed to the cemetery to go on our pre-scheduled walk.  It was actually nice walking and talking and I was surprised at how winded I was talking.  I was thinking "they probably think we lie when we say we exercise every day!" but I guess that means we were going at a good pace.  We ended up being out there for almost three hours!  Then the Mr got a blazing headache (likely from being in contorted positions all day Saturday.)  I made Beyond Burgers, fries and a salad hoping that would help but it didn't and neither did meds.  I gave him my neck release tool to try to dig in where fingers sometimes can't in hopes he'd get some relief.  We had so much to do to prepare for the radon guys so it wasn't the most convenient time for a headache like that but the body has a way of forcing yo azz to rest when it needs it.   I gave him a neck massage for a while to dig in those spots he couldn't reach due to a precariously placed blister.  He took back the remaining baseboard we had back to Home Depot and I started cleaning up the house a little here and there.  He joined in as I made dinner and I think we've got the house to a manageable "good enough for service dudes" clean and not have them think we're total slobs.

Not quite how we expected to spend the weekend which is feeling like we didn't get one but whatcha gonna do?  Still have a HUGE box of Dacron that came for the patio cushion project we thought we were going to be doing.  Who the hell knows when we're going to get to that.  The disintegrated Dacron is like confetti waiting to come out of the cushions so while it'll be a sit down project, it's still gonna suck.  The fun awaits!

How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. The part of me that so badly wishes to procrastinate lost a major battle this weekend. Normally I would have just said yeah replacing the baseboards is a good idea and thought "future me's problem" but when you said there was no better time, I didn't have a solid argument against that. LOL! Glad it's done and it was still better than having to paint the entire room in my opinion. But I haven't been that exhausted since last weekend!

  2. Well, after you suggested we could replace the baseboards with higher ones like downstairs to cover the wall damage, I figured I'd throw it out there that the room was never going to be more empty than that moment. Definitely not something I would've thought of in that moment but glad you did even if our bodies are not happy with us right now. 😑 Just glad that part is over with...well, I guess I have some caulking to do but still. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  3. The baseboards look great! So glad that part of the project is over for you guys and every time you walk in there you can smile knowing it's done! Weekend was so-so. We watched a movie which was a nice, only had the grocery stores to go to, which were pretty fast trips since we just went on Memorial Day, and took the dogs to the pool, which they did really well with their olympian strokes. lol Old girl didn't have the best of weekends, but I'm reminding myself not to go too high or too low. It's a nice, rainy, gloomy day today so that's suits me well to work in the office. I have a bin full of tax stuff that I bought envelopes for, so I'm finally going to unclip every year and get that all straightened out so I can get the bin off the desk!

    1. Thanks! Well, it was almost done. He's pulled a few boards off and we're waiting on the same brand of caulk to arrive! LOL Hoping the pup has a better few days eating than over the weekend and getting that tax stuff together should feel great!

  4. Y'all did great seeing that project through to its conclusion. It is irritating when weekends get rerouted like that but alas. My Mr. and I traveled to my home state to spread my dad's ashes where he was happiest. I had my reservations about going, with current health cases/available data where it is. Sure enough, my Mr. tested positive on Sunday. My back is complaining from sleeping on the couch to try to maintain my negative status, but I'm grateful for a separate room to sleep in, health insurance, and jobs where we can WFH. You really count your blessings at a time like this. Hoping to squeeze in a little fun this week, even if it's just delivery fro yo and some trash TV.

    1. Thank you! Oh no!! So sorry to hear your Mr is positive! I hope you're able to avoid it. Lots of open windows (with a box fan in his room if you have it) and a towel under the door where he's staying. Anti-inflammation foods and methods are key to keep it from staying in the system longer than necessary from what I've read. (I've seen studies on using turmeric pills for inflammation during infection. Not suggesting it especially if there are any drug interaction issue but might be worth checking with the doc about.)

      That was a double blow with him getting that as well as scattering your dad's ashes. I'm sorry on both counts. Stay well and hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  5. All great tips! He likes large doses of ginger and garlic so we are sticking with that in various iterations, as well as plenty of cooked tomato dishes to up his vitamin C stores. I'm also having him get up and move around in the sunny backyard when he can manage it, as we have a separate back entrance in the room he's taken over. I've sadly lost three family members to this; I've seen that when fluid accumulation starts is when the downward curve begins. Being upright and moving both arms/stretching out the torso as much as possible is key. He has expelled a lot of buildup since he has been able to do this (I'll spare you the details lol) so I am cautiously hopeful. Thanks so much for your well wishes.


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