Monday, June 27, 2022

Suckitude Weekend Recap

Once again, Friday was the day for getting crap done.  I wrestled the mattress off of the frame and got the box spring into the garage.  Then it was trying to free the headboard from the frame which of course required an allen wrench.  (If you don't have a set, you really should just have them.  They've saved our butts on many occasions.)   Of course they fought me every step of the way but after about 30 minutes I finally got them out.  I got the bedframe down the stairs the hard way and I needed the Mr to come home to get the headboard out there.  We scheduled a bulk pickup for them but of course that won't be until next week.  We set up my new bedframe which I got an 18" high one so I could have actual storage under it.  Well, once we chucked the 12" mattress with topper on it, it looked ridiculous.  

I mean I could still get into bed without using a mini trampoline but my feet dangle off the sides and I'm 5'9".  (Oddly they're right in line with the nightstands though.  Maybe I'm just too used to the low pro box spring?)  So given it's been 8 years since we got that mattress and we were pretty happy with the new mattress in the office, we decided to bite the bullet and get a plush Wayfair mattress that will be coming either tomorrow or Wednesday.  It's a 10" high so probably 2-4" lower than the current one.  I'm REALLY hoping it's truly plush and I won't need a topper.  I doubt it but still, we'll see.  I'm hoping it'll give just enough inch wise that'll it'll make a difference since I nixed a box spring.  When I went to bed I told the Mr the air was thinner up there.  Oh and these panels I ordered WAY early for the bedroom that said they would take 4-6 weeks to arrive came in 2 weeks unannounced so now I 1) had to find a place to store them and 2) this now put a severe time crunch on me having these huge panels to now greet me every day to say "have you cleaned out your entire life in the closet yet??"

Saturday was just a storm of suck.  Gained a pound which I don't know how that happened and the Mr said likely stress (and low water intake) because I was so stressed the previous day I had vertigo.  The previous day's decision which now has me having less rights than my grandma had put me in occasional crying jags throughout the day.  I had planned to do what I mentioned last week and make spam loco moco from Hawaii.  (Making swaps to make it as healthy as you can for what it is.)  Once I started cooking the short grain brown rice, I saw it takes 45 minutes.  Ugh, fine.  I covered the lite spam and put it in the oven on warm.  As the rice got closer to ready, I put the eggs in the skillet and they weren't cooking so I turned it up and of course then they turned on a dime and got hard as rocks.  As I was making the Mr new basted eggs in another skillet, I had the gravy heating in the microwave.  I went to put the first thin layer of gravy over the rice and as I pulled the jar from the microwave, the label slid off the jar, the jar crashed THROUGH my new plate (which they no longer make) sending shards flying all over the rice on both plates and burned the top and side of my left hand.  (Which by the way is still bright red two days later!)  I had the Mr grab me some aloe lotion while I put a towel wrapped ice pack on it and I ordered Longhorn while he graciously cleaned up.  (After I put the spam in the freezer.  Ready to roll after my PTSD subsides from the burn, losing a new plate I waited 2 months for and tipping from patient to hangry.)  I wasn't planning on restaurant food that day but I didn't have the ability to fix anything and in that moment it was going to be 1:30pm before we were having any food in our systems which is just dangerous if you want to keep everyone from not choking each other out of food rage.

After that, the Mr suggested we do the Dacron for the patio cushions since the box has been in the dining room so long it became furniture.  We pulled the grody innards out of the cushions and washed the covers.  We re-wrapped the Dacron around the foam and polyfil.  It was horrible.  I can't even begin to know what we inhaled but if asbestos is still a thing, this looked pretty close.  Of course they don't look as good as they did seat wise when we started but I can count two times we've been out there in the past month just like I predicted last month.  The heat is frying petunias and geraniums left and right regardless of how often they're watered.  I don't know why I waste money on flowers every year.  Always so friggin' hot out.  

Then it was time to move up to the bedroom and start going through stuff.  I took a pic of lots of things.  We don't still need the prom wine glasses I kept or sweaters I'm not in love with.  It was a bummer the Space Saved stuff didn't neatly fit into under the bed plastic but those things are invaluable when they work.  This brand is the only brand across the board that works for me and stays closed.  I've gone through so many iterations of them and they always come through.  Hell, we've got the jumbo ones and guess what is in this jumbo one?

My wedding dress, the huge crinoline for under it, my vow renewal dress, bustier and a gala dress!  So it fits quite nicely under Mount Mattress.  Is this a proper way to store this stuff?  Probably not.  It's the difference between keeping them and getting rid of them and when I mentioned donating it I thought the Mr was going to cry.  So they survive another round.  I went through as much stuff as I could before my body started sounding the alarms.  I took lots of pics and pitched lots of stuff between Saturday and Sunday.  

Wanna see?  Well too bad, you're gonna.

Anyone else remember these little factoid cards from back in the day?  They also had some recipe collection I think I had at one point.

I kept this purse forever because I swore I was going to use it again one day.  I still wouldn't mind sporting the frankenpurse look but I've got two other purses in rotation and it'd still be waiting it's turn so it's time for someone else to potentially enjoy it.

Who remembers tape head cleaners?!  😆

Anyone else have this?

If you did and you're nostalgic for it, someone popped it up on YouTube for your childhood fix.

I was in love with the "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" marketing phase.  Yes, they both still talk.  "Yo quiero Taco Bell" and "Heeeere lizard, lizard, lizaaard!"

(Keeping 'em)

And the original coming of age book from the good ol' days.

While it feels like I didn't make much progress visually, I filled up a trash bag and got that huge Dacron box full of donate items.  It felt really weird to donate autographs and stuff like the Rolling Stone when Kurt Cobain died but hopefully someone else feels like they found a personal goldmine because they aren't worth anything on eBay.  

I felt pretty exhausted by the end of the day especially after our upper body workout.  We rounded things out with our Sunday night tradition of Chateau and Co-ceau.  

What did y'all do this weekend?

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  1. You did a ton of work this weekend even after getting that nasty burn on your hand. What a trooper! I know it sucks now but the payoff eventually will all make it worth it.

  2. Would live to see your redone cushions! I caulked and primed my patio ceiling to get rid of the water stains since I fixed the leak. Fixed the toilet innards that I've been jerry rigging for months. Had some friends over for a barbecue. Went to a sobriety celebration. Then poof the weekend was over. Keep on keeping on with your purging. Its a wonderful feeling for me when I do it.
    Have a great week!

  3. I'm sorry the weekend was a stinker for you -- a productive stinker, but exhausting on many levels. The weekend here was pretty decent. Ran typical errands, had a great meeting on Saturday, took the dogs swimming, and enjoyed a cloudy day of much needed rain on Saturday. A friend of ours had to have one of their cats puts down so that was traumatic for them, so we got a little gift for their other cat (the brother), and I had some birthday gifts to wrap. Then it was usual chores the rest of the time. Although, I did treat myself Saturday night to one of my favorite movies I hadn't seen in a while, Uncle Buck. That was wonderful to unwind and just get lost in the movie. I rarely do that, so that was some really fun down time.


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