Friday, June 10, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #23


Holy whirlwind week y'all!  It's Friday and mama (and papa) need some DOWN TIME.  The work on the guest room continued basically all week.  We had a real bed delivered as opposed to the airbed that was in there, this amazing uber bed frame that's nice and high for storage with a high weight limit because nothing sucks more than a bed you have to pray first just to sleep on it.  "Dear sweet baby Jesus- I felt the movement and heard the squeaks when I laid down.  Please don't let this collapse as I sleep."  I got some curtains since we just had sheers before and where the bed is positioned now it blazes in right through the little gap on the side of the blind.  I already had a 2 pack of blackout curtain rods so the Mr was able to get that done quickly while waiting for the curtains.  I got some storage bins for under the bed to put seasonal clothes and blankets and free up some space in the closet.  I think the Mr has probably felt like he was on a Tilt a Whirl all week.  That coupled with the radon dudes coming out Tuesday and were like "we can do this Thursday" and it was just like "holy crap man!"    

In between all of that, we road tripped to the drive in mid-week and saw Top Gun: Maverick so we wouldn't have to contend with weekend crowds.   It's only been delayed a bazillion times the past few years.  It was so nice to have a date night and see the much anticipated return of Mav and Iceman.  There were some good nods to the previous movie as well as a nice one to Labyrinth in a bar scene with Jennifer Connelly.

Now let's trip into...

37 New Trader Joe's Products Hitting Shelves This Summer, From Pickle Seasoning To Peanut Butter Popcorn  (Numbers 9 and 33.  Otherwise, looks a little disappointing.  You want to make me happy, bring back those chipotle potato bites you discontinued like 10 years ago when we were losing the bulk of our weight, you rat bastards!)

Best Self Treatment Techniques To Get Rid Of Piriformis Syndrome  (OMG, the strengthening exercise is a killer but SOOO necessary!)

4 Spices Holistic Nutritionists Swear By To Stop Inflammation  (All good stuff to keep on hand!  I like to use this tea to get a two for one benefit especially after a workout.  I brew it with some organic green tea.)

Woman denied a colonoscopy by her doctor died of colon cancer at 39  (THIS is why you MUST be your own advocate.  This woman had a family history and people as young as 25 are getting this disease now which is why they dropped the age from 50 to 45 for screenings.  If you have a family history of anything or something doesn't feel right to you, you have every right to get a second or fourth opinion until someone effing listens to you!!)

What to Do When Negative Interactions Sour Relationships (It takes five positives to outshine a negative.  Yike!)

How to clean outdoor furniture for long lasting use  (Tis the season for algae and pollen covered everything!)

How to Protect Yourself From Tick Bites and Lyme Disease  (Do whatever you can!  The Mr had a Lonestar tick crawling on him on vacation and one bite from it can give you a red meat/dairy allergy that can kill you.  Not only affects what you eat but supplements, cosmetics, etc!)

Study: Women not being told common anesthetic may lead to contraceptive failure  (OMG, since these doctors aren't going to tell you, I will.  PLEASE READ IF YOU TAKE HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL/IUD and have any upcoming surgeries!)

50 Unexpectedly Wholesome Situations To Brighten Your Day  (Because we all need some wholesome stuff!)

I am now fearful saying "we don't have anything planned for the weekend" given how last weekend turned out.  I think I would really like at least one day of doing nothing because my body can't take a whole lot more even though we have a crap ton of things we could be doing around the house.  We do have pizzas on the grill planned again because we both really enjoyed it!  The Mr was almost giddy so anything that produces that response is a do again event.  Of course the previous crusts were out of stock so we're using the flatbreads I got from Amazon Fresh.  Hawaiian on one and BBQ chicken on the other.

Any events/shenanigans planned for the weekend?

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  1. No big plans for the weekend. We got a lot done yesterday and have a few things to do today, but nothing major. Hoping to enjoy the seasonable weather that will be changing on Monday for the foreseeable future. Have a super weekend!

    1. Those sound like good plans to me! Gotta enjoy that weather when flop sweat season takes a break!

  2. Just so glad it's the weekend again and we can enjoy our Saturday since I know we won't be doing any baseboard replacements for sure but I, too, am afraid to say that we don't have any plans- ha ha!


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