Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Hump Day Poll: Well, That Was a Mistake

Which Movie Sequel Do You Wish You Could Erase From History?

Grease 2.  I literally got up and left music class when they showed it.  It was an abomination to everything that was perfect about Grease and I doth protest too much at 13.

How about you?

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  1. Airplane 2 is maybe not quite as bad as Grease 2, but if a sequel actually manages to drag down the original then you have done something wrong.

  2. I'm drawing a blank on the names of so many movies, but the one that stands out from when I was younger was Tootsie. I remember walking out of that movie twice. I also remember the 3D version of Jaws 3 being a huge disappointment with those crazy "glasses" you bought at 7/11 that didn't make anything 3D. LOL

    1. Wait, how did you walk out twice?! "This is crap! I'm leaving." "I should try Tootsie again just to make sure it's crap...Yep. I was right, going over to The Goonies theater." ROFL

      OMG, sometimes we'll see Jaws 3D on TV and it looks SO bad when the 3D parts come on. Obviously no glasses but those things didn't work right yet all of us 80's kids fell for it. ;-)

    2. Went with two different friends at the mall. Had no attention span either time. LOL I remembered another one too that was a huge hit but I just don't get the appeal and that's Napoleon Dynamite. I just cannot stand that character!

    3. Ahh, gotcha! LOL OMG, I couldn't stand Napoleon Dynamite either. I really wanted to like it with Hollyfeld from Real Genius playing Uncle Rico but it annoyed me pretty hard.


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