Monday, June 13, 2022

Another Kicked Butt Weekend Recap

Happy Monday sweet cheeks!  I hope you had a productive weekend.  Dude, I am a whooped woman again.  Friday I dug into the office closet.  I'm pretty sure it hasn't been touched in like 7 years or something like that.  You know how you pull at a storage bin and it's so heavy you're like "WTF is in this thing?!" and you open it and it's like "oh yeah...future me's problem bin.  Hello future."  

Lots of old prints we bought in Hawaii that we tucked away because we couldn't bear to part with them.  I still can't bear to part with them but I took them out of the frames and donated the frames as a way to reduce the amount of space they took up, which was a lot.  The artist died and many of the prints aren't sold anymore and I'd still like the option to put them up if one day we're unable to travel and want to revisit that time.  So many little trinkety/gadgety type things.  My heart was heavy getting rid of a few things from Banana Patch Studios on Kauai that used to hang on doors around the house but it was time to let someone else hopefully enjoy them.  We donated the airbed that was in there.  We were going to keep it and store it in the garage and it's like, for what?  Gone.  Got rid of random art and the Mr went through the dresser in the main bedroom that he hasn't used for 2 years.  A lot of shirts got donated and let me tell you, it was sad.  It was from the time we were able to consistently lose weight to the point that we could always depend on being the next size down the following year so we 'bought ahead' at expensive Hawaii t-shirt shops.  I've got the top of the dresser to clean up and pitch/donate stuff and then we're getting rid of that dresser.  It sucks because it retails for $1300 now from Crate and Barrel and they did a horrible paint job on it from the get go and I was never happy with it.  I'm likely keeping the nightstands from the collection and I'll refinish them.  I've got an armoire that is very shabby chic oriented and it's gonna get the sh*t knocked out of it and refinished into something different and moved to the spot the old long dresser was in.  My goal is to be able to do some stretches or yoga at the end of the bed some year.  It feels like it's going to be FOREVER until I can get that room into some kind of shape but it needs to be done if I ever want the finished result which is scary in itself.  We've decided we're going to replace all of the flooring on the second floor ourselves.  Yeah.  We can't justify spending the kind of money for labor places would charge.  We have 26 year old carpet up there and it's already been stretched once for getting rid of wrinkles in it.  I'm not paying for that again.  The Mr said the idea didn't make his butt pucker but I could tell by the end of the night after watching videos that it did and he was stressed.  So if any of you handy folk have any tips for complete novices, shout 'em out in the comments.

We were going to do grilled pizza/flatbread again but just as the grills warmed up to temperature, they fizzled out.  Empty tank.  We thought we had one more full one left so into the oven they went.

We did Hawaiian and a BBQ chicken pizza which were quite good.

As I type I'm still waiting for The Container Store to get our closet drawer order ready which should've been done by now.  We were supposed to drop off some of the stuff we're getting rid of to my other boo but he offered for him and his partner to do a drive by this afternoon and pick the stuff up from us.  We had just finished doing Atletica when I got that email and the Mr was like "YES!!!"  (It should be noted that even all these years later, Atletica is still one of the most butt kicking strengths we've ever done and that's even with some Beachbody on Demand meatheads.)  We were grateful we didn't have to make that run even though the stuff was already loaded up.  We were also glad to get the workout over with so I could make brunch.  We tried a pancake mix that was new to us that was listed in a "top best flavor pancakes" list I got sucked into.

It did taste good but I'll be honest, I think the taste was more because of the butter I would quickly swipe across the griddle and it would instantly brown because that's what I could taste most.  We'll finish it because they are good but I'm not thrilled with the amount of sodium in it.  Over 500mg for a quarter cup of mix which is probably why its so "flavorful" according to the list.  Also, I don't know what weed someone was vaping when they came up with the serving size but they claimed 5-6 pancakes with 3/4 cups of the mix and I used a cup and couldn't eek out 6 full sized flapjacks.  Perhaps they were talking about silver dollar sized or something because I felt gypped on size.  I will say it's perfect for camping or vacations because you just add water and it's ready to roll.

Okay, so The Container Store finally got to our order and we went to pick it up and went from before to after.

The Mr and I laugh at the simplicity of that statement because what should've been click, click, slide involved a return trip to the store (and another one this morning) and a screaming fit from the Mr that I have probably heard less than I can count on one hand in 30 years.  So yeah, going from wonky to wow was not the easy prospect I thought it was going to be.  I feel horrible for suggesting it and am hoping that it serves the purpose it's intended for many years because I think that is the closest he's come to burning down the house.  I feel like when someone does a paranormal investigation here in like 50 years, they will hear that scream and people will run out.

We unwound with some cocoa and Portals to Hell.  As one does.

How was your weekend?

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  1. In spite of my rather vocal frustration it was worth it in the end. I just cannot stand it when something that should be simple turns into a big ball of suck. It was a great idea though and now that it is done you can see what a big difference it makes even just in how much nicer it looks.

    1. Well, now ALL of the room has been gone through (except the file cabinet which I anticipate a lot of crap can go) so as Zelda would say "this clean."

  2. What a great, productive weekend you had! Such a good feeling of accomplishment. I did quite a bit of cleaning yesterday myself in the living room and the table the hubs used was filthy with tons of dust and clutter, and now it is pristine and very organized. That took much longer than I thought it would, but I was still able to dust everywhere else and get the vacuuming done about an hour later. Had a meeting on Saturday then took the dogs swimming, which they both did very well. I did one day on Thursday of getting the chiminea going and the hubs was great with getting me more branches to keep the fire going as I burned old paperwork. I was shocked how quickly the sticks were burning away but he reminded me that the dead branches had been stacked for over a year so they were really dry. I barely made a dent in my stuff to burn though -- less than half a grocery bag -- and I have five bags total! So that will be a whole-summer project, which is fine. The fire starters I used worked great, so I have plenty of those for next time. It wasn't a very restful weekend, but it wasn't frantic either and I got some stuff done, so it felt good.

    1. Sounds like we both got quite a bit done this weekend! Do you have a shredder? We've got a good cross cut one that I think runs around $40 and that might make it easier to keep up on that stuff. I mean with the backup you have now it might take an hour to go through but then you could keep up on it. I know how easy it is to chuck bills and stuff in a pile for "later." LOL I bet it feels great to have that table all spic n' span!

    2. We do have a shredder and that gets a lot of use with the current stuff that I'm able to get rid of as soon as I open mail, or after a bill has been paid/cleared, etc. The numerous bags I have are from all the junk I pulled out of the file cabinet that was years old. Plus a lot of old banking stuff I still had from an old bank (like checks and things like that). Once the autumn comes, anything I still have to get rid of will go on the big burn pile we have in the fire pit in the yard and we'll sit around and enjoy a nice big fire with all the dead wood from the trees we had taken out. For now, crumpling up papers and tossing them in the chiminea feels almost therapeutic. LOL

  3. I'm in my 3rd week of summer vacation and just now starting to recover. I spent two weeks as a slug. Now onto my annual deep clean/declutter. I am not looking forward to it, but I know how good it will feel when I'm finally done.


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