Friday, June 3, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #22

Annnnd just like that, we're in June.  As usual, short week blues.  The three day weekends never come without the cost of feeling like a 6 day work week.  Every. single. time.  Tuesday we had an appointment with a new to us local body shop to check the brakes that the dealer said "needed to be replaced along with the PCV valve."  We dropped it off the night before and by 9am the dude was like "out of curiosity, why did you bring us the car for the brakes?"  The Mr told him that the dealer said he needed new brakes and the rotors were worn down.  The guy was like "well, you don't need new brakes.  The back rotors are fine, minimal wear on the front rotor and the pads have 30 and 50% more on them.  We checked the PCV valve and we know why they recommended based on mileage but it's completely fine and all calipers are fine."  They rotated the tires at his request but we knew never to trust when a dealership pumps out a list of stuff that sounds like a load of crap.  If nothing else, it has lead us to a shop that we can definitely trust in the future unlike the chains that have been plummeting in customer service for us.  That would've been an easy $1000 for them with no skin off of their butts to lie to us.  So we'll take it back in a year when the mileage should match up with the amount of wear he said we have left and they can do the brakes then.  Hell, we were just glad the car was there for them to look at because of course when we dropped it off there was a shady looking dude sitting in the yard across the street with a bit of interest at our drop off and there have been a crap ton of car thefts in our area lately.  I took a pic of him in the rear view mirror just in case.  I hate feeling like that and I don't like profiling people based on their looks but we have a model that has been one of the most stolen ones so big sigh of relief on all sides that 1) it was there for them to look at and 2) we've moved out the $1K expense hopefully to next year.

The Mr was kind enough to install the blackout blind I ordered from  I got a double cell premium blackout blind because the wood blinds behind the blackout curtains I got just were letting in too much light since the time change.  I can't be waking up at 5:30-6am every day after getting to bed after midnight.  The slightest bit of light wakes me up and we have a light pole out front that shines in as well.  After putting it in, I noticed the light gaps they mentioned can happen and they were bigger than the ones I already had so I'll be getting a solution for that because I can't do the $40 plastic strips just because they're marketed a certain way.

Then the week just tanked from there.  Anyhoo.

Now let's get to...

Are apple cider vinegar pills good for you? We asked a registered dietitian  (Definitely can't hack even smelling that stuff in liquid form...YARF!  But we do take these for heartburn and to even out blood sugar if we have something higher in sugar on a Saturday.)

Why Short Chain Fatty Acids Are a Key Part of Gut Health  (This gives a great explanation if you want to keep your gut health tip top.)

3 Signs of Weak Glutes a PT Says to Watch Out For  (I've spent this week getting back into consistent PT.  I have all of these issues.  I do need to order some of these bands to throw in the suitcases for travel.  Perfect for banded side steps and clamshells.)

13 Steps to Finding Yourself (It’s Not Your Average Game of Hide-and-Seek) 

An Easy Way to Clean Baseboards from a Professional Housekeeper  (I'm definitely going to use this trick with the ones I have left over.)

How to reuse a candle jar: 15 ways to upcycle the containers  (I love using mine to hold cotton balls/Q-Tips and in the kitchen for loose leaf tea after running it through the dishwasher a few times.  No one wants Frasier fir caramel tea!)

Nothing major planned for the weekend.  Meeting up with a family member to walk and talk on Sunday.  Haven't seen them in two years. 

Whatchu doing this weekend?

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  1. The curse of the short week indeed. But TGIF! Enjoy the weekend everybody!

  2. We've just been running errands and taking care of house stuff. I visited my uncle yesterday and will go back around 4th of July. Tomorrow is a meeting and swim for the dogs, then the hubs goes back to work on Sunday. It's been nice to have him off for a week and a half sans one day. Weather has been beautiful so the Dipladenias have been doing well out front. Enjoy your weekend!


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