Monday, July 5, 2021

Nope Weekend Recap

What's shakin' everyone?  (Anyone else think all four cheeks and a couple of chins, Norm style?)  That'll always be my mental go to.  

It was a truly boring weekend to the point I wasn't going to post anything but, here I am.  We watched some fireworks from Detroit the other night and they were really good and that was as patriotic as we got.  I did make some burgers with chips and beans on Saturday and then we tried this new cookie place that was so over the top I felt sick the rest of the night so no dinner.


I'm trying to pull out of a mental glitch with a bunch of stupid crap all coming to a head from health crap to feeling like a caged animal to a fun mid-life crisis.  I've been throwing myself into a new project the past two weeks but its work so I guess it's better to not be 100% focused on how much pain I'm in so I'm going to take that as a positive because books tell me I should.  Fake it til ya make it.  

Speaking of books, I've got this one on the way so that should be a 'fun' read.

My friend put her house on the market and we've been anxious to see the pics because it has a lot of land but ultimately, inside it would take too much money to make it our own.  There's a lot of big ticket items coming up like roof, HVAC, etc and I have no desire to pay for them.  Plus it would be kind of weird owning your friend's house.  I feel like there could be some expectations on both ends or maybe I'm projecting.  They're moving four states away anyway, not like they'll see it again.  But we both agree if we're going back into a mortgage, it would have to be for something that just bowls us over and we haven't seen that in 20 years except for that house two weeks ago that was too close to the highway.  Here we'll stay, I'm afraid.  I assume cleaning the house and beginning a purge might go a long way in helping but then where to start.  It all gets overwhelming before you even begin.

I made a quiche for us to have for a few breakfasts this week...

Eggs, sweet potato, spinach and ground turkey breast.  320 calories a slice with a clementine or something and we should be good to go to not have as big of a food rut, at least this week.  I'm pretty bad at just grabbing the easiest thing which is usually a yogurt and banana or oatmeal if I'm feeling motivated or absolutely nothing if I'm not.

We lucked out with a 75 degree day with wind on Friday so we walked my co-workers cemetery for 2.65 miles before pooping out.  I'd like some more of those please because these 90+ degree days can suck a rock.  (Not what I was going to say.)

Did you guys do anything this weekend?  Any plans today if you have the day off?

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  1. Kind of a weird one but still glad I am off today. Sleeping in when I can is a good thing.

  2. My town had a wet and dry parade yesterday. Basically it's a giant water fight in the street - so much fun. I'm not usually a huge fan of parades, but this one I like. Skipped the big show, but had the kiddo set off some personal fireworks at night. Overall a pretty good 4th. Today is the day I start my yearly deep clean/declutter/purge. So not looking forward to it. I'm starting with my bathroom and hall closets today.

  3. That quiche looks really scrumptious! Yum! Typical weekend with work, but not too stressful. Will putter and clean today with the hubs since he's home. Pretty low key all around.

  4. That quiche loos AMAZING! We went over to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's house for the 4th. We swam in the pool. My 18 month old was trying to get out of my arms the whole time as she was certain she could swim if I just let go of her! Yesterday we grilled some skirt steak and asparagus on the grill. Pretty low key but a nice 3 day weekend for sure.


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