Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Hump Day Poll: BLAM!

What was the most recent thing that you were just going along, minding your own business and...

something/someone completely out of the blue startled, shocked or shook you?  

It doesn't have to be some life changing thing, like mine for example...

The other night before bed I'm scrolling my Google feed when my brother in law's face pops up in an article out of nowhere!  This is a dude who has brought nothing but arrogance, bullying and narcissistic BS to our lives so trust me when I say seeing that face is the last thing I want to see on a good day much less before I attempt slumber.  😒

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  1. I have to say seeing my brother's face on my own feed a little more than a day later did the same thing to me. I hate Google's algorithm. It knows too much!

  2. Finding out spark was closing was the last big one for me.

  3. Covid separated us from my inlaws quite a bit and its continued. Found out on FB I have a new great niece and didn't know she was pregnant! Very sad

  4. I would have to say the SparkPeople thing was a huge shock that threw me for a loop as well.

  5. Mr: Ugh, I didn't know he haunted your feed too! NOT cool!

    AL: I agree!

    Dawn: So sorry to hear that. I feel like Covid has accelerated some family breakdown situations from what I'm hearing.

    Woodsy: Sure did. :-(


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