Monday, May 18, 2020

Zippy But Not Weekend Recap

You ever have one of those weekends that feels like it's gone by both fast and slow?  That was this weekend for me.  Friday the Mr did a Home Depot pick up of the plant food I needed and got the mulch we needed for the flower beds.  He finished up some training and we had dinner and I was bored.

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 For some stupid reason, I said I never saw Hellraiser and by the end of the night, I had.   It was way better in my head.  I've never seen such horrible acting.  I'm actually positive that was the prerequisite to be in the movie.  Yeesh.

Saturday morning, the Mr got up early to take a practice test for a certification he has to have for his new job.  He's basically been rudderless this whole time as he's not actually doing his job but training for it and studying for this test.  A previously reliable test aid program he's used for years gave the wrong study guide and won't return his emails so there will be a dispute placed on the credit card for that transaction.  He's only got two practice tests available from the official certification site so he took it to see where he was at and what he needed to study more.  He passed which is more than most people who were averaging 45% on their first test and he got 71% (with passing being 68%).  It told him the questions he got wrong so he can study those parts more and continue with the boot camp too.  I'm so proud of him as I know it's been weighing him down lately.  So that started the day off on a good note. 

We grabbed some lunch out and drove around a little and then came back home to lay the mulch.  I cannot tell you how nice it is to just have COLOR now.

I used high heat black spray paint I had on hand to spruce up the chains on the hanging baskets.  We got galvanized chain to replace the rope that finally failed and I didn't care for the look.  But I really like the black and I'll need to keep an eye out for similar ones because I notice some rusting going on.  I'm hoping the hydrangeas take in the very back because I only want them for "cutting flowers" and the lilac we planted two years ago looks pathetic.  The morning glories I did from seeds are planted and haven't keeled yet so I'm praying they take hold.  I planted a disease-resistant climbing rose bush out front with a trellis so I'm really hoping for some luck on that front even though that patch of devil soil seems to kill everything except annuals and one rogue phlox.  It was Grandma's birthday so we went back out to visit and put new foam and flowers on the grave of the man's wife we met on Mother's Day.  We saw the flowers were beside the vase and are pretty sure the rocks he put in there to hold the vase down were too high so the flowers were flying out in high winds.  I jammed some foam down in there and tied a card to him double-bagged onto the vase telling him what we did and we'd keep an eye out that if the foam was getting damaged that we'd replace it.  I don't know when he'll be back to visit but hopefully, he sees it. 

Then it was back home for dinner and I read some horrible news.   I have been getting through this whole pandemic crapfest with Marc Maron's live check in's he's been doing.  He would occasionally have his girlfriend, director Lynn Shelton in them if they were cooking together or hanging out.  She was ALWAYS laughing, either with or at him and her attitude was the complete opposite of sunshine and roses to his piss and vinegar.  Over the past week, she'd been ill not with anything Covid related but still not well.  People always asked about her on his broadcasts and even as recent as 4 days ago he said she was getting better.  Friday morning, after feeling better, she collapsed and they took her to the hospital where she died of an undiagnosed blood disorder.  She was only 54.  I burst into tears because even if you've never met someone in person, when you're watching an hour of someone's life every few days for two months and how they're coping and keeping each other sane, you get very attached to them.  I could barely read Marc's statement to the Mr just sobbing.  I am so heartbroken for him and everyone who knew and worked with her.  Such a beautiful, talented lady gone entirely too soon.

In and out over the weekend, we watched the Amazon Prime show Upload.  It was pretty good and right up the Mr's alley.  Sunday we got up and had breakfast and started watching a little more of Dexter Season Two and I knew after a few hours, we could easily toil the day away with Dex and Deb.   I threw together a picnic of charcuterie stuff I had on hand, put some tea and lemonade in their respective mason jars and we headed out.  I suspected my old abandoned elementary school would be empty and I was done with the sounds of the city.  We had our snacks in the dugouts where I dreaded going up to bat in gym class.

We sat and chatted for about an hour when we were done even as some rando and his boys were doing maintenance on the other ball field.  We drove past my friend's mom's house to see if they had it listed for sale and they did.  I cringed because there are weeds popping up in the driveway cracks and the trim around the door is peeled and brings down the curb appeal.   I desperately want to offer to do those things but I don't want my friend's brother to get offended.  I just know they're going to get lowballed and especially since the neighborhood looks less like the family-oriented neighborhood it was when she first moved in.  (That's as polite of a way to put it and not how the Mr and I describe it alone.)   

That was about it for the weekend before the rain tried to move in which I was actually thankful for because it was a pretty stagnant day otherwise.  It seemed to go by both fast and slow which made us happy and sad.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I am glad we got the mulch all done. It all looks great and will be nice to be able to use the patio now. It was also so nice to pass my practice test and get a feel for the direction I need to head in as I was aimless for a bit there and that is counterproductive for sure. Thanks for the picnic. That was so nice to get out and just do something somewhere we do not normally go.

  2. Sounds like it was a really nice weekend for you guys! Mine was good. We grocery shopped Saturday morning, then cut the lawn, then I did all the laundry so Sunday would be free of chores except for garage and recycling. Much needed because I was tired after work. We got our flowers for the little wooden bridge for the front porch, and it looks so cute along with lovely hanging basket someone gave me on Mother's Day. I have red mulch ready to go for the front bush area and more for either side of the deck stairs, but I need to clean out that area of leaves and weeds from the winter. The hubs did the Scott's Preventative stuff on the lawn, so now it's super green, but grows really fast so we're cutting it twice a week now. Ack! We were SO thankful we cut it on Saturday because of the monsoon we've had since then. Oh yeah, we also bought long drain hoses to go out to the field so when the sump pump goes off our backyard is no longer a lake. LOL


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