Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Howdy y'all!  I hope you had a nice long holiday weekend.  We got a break from the rainy weather to have a spectacular Saturday weather wise.  The rest of Saturday kind of blew with the Mr starting out with a nausea inducing migraine for a few hours.  I was dumb and didn't do any prep work for our cookout the night before so it was just thing after thing between baking an apple dessert to getting all of the sides ready and the burgers seasoned and dealing with a grill that never wants to cooperate and I'm pretty sure is cursed anyway.  It was just a lot and I was ready to say screw it and grab lunch somewhere.  But I persisted and we ended up with a pretty standard Memorial Day cookout.

(Apple Puff Pastry Tart similar to the Mr's grandma's dish with a scoop of Dulce De Leche ice cream and lite Cool Whip)

We decided to go for a drive to several beach and rec areas to see what the public was doing about the holiday weekend.  We basically shook our heads and went home.  Should've stopped to buy more TP since a spike will be hitting sooner than later.

The clouds started moving in and we somehow dodged predicted storms and got a bit of color just before sunset.

We hung out on the patio for a few hours just kind of staring in silence until the June bugs started weirding us out.

We bought a misting fan because gross hot weather is coming and every year we go through the same routine.  1)  Get amped up to use patio.  2)  Invest in tons of flowers/some new crap that will razzle dazzle our outdoor lives  3) ungodly heat and humidity move in 4) only go on patio when the plants start to crisp as we press our faces to the slider from the A/C inside.

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But now that we're trapped in the house a good bit and want to be outside, we're hoping this misting fan does the trick to take it down a notch heat wise.  It takes me back to the days when we were stupid and would lay out on the patio to get a "base tan" when we were first married before trips.  We had these misters that we'd set up on either side of this blow up mattress we had and lay out for an hour or two.  The dog would lay on it with us when she wasn't hiding in the shade.  Miss that pup.  If it doesn't coax us outdoors this summer then chalk it up to yet another thing we waste money on in anticipation of a summer that is never quite the way you envision it coming out of winter.

Sunday was gross hot and after a big brunch of lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes, I declared myself done with cooking for the day.  Over it.  I didn't get my usual 2-3 week cooking break for vacation so I'm particularly irritated with cooking/baking right now.

The Mr saw some commercial for these s'more bomb pops and when he actually saw them in the wild, he grabbed some.

They're pretty good but be aware they aren't nearly as big as they're portrayed on the box.  More the size of a fudge pop.  The marshmallow in the middle was a fun surprise.

I needed to get out of the house because I was going stir crazy.  We drove around for like 3 hours.  We stopped at the hippy store to grab some of my favorite low sodium marinara sauce because no one is ever there.  A cable company had the nerve to be set up to try to hustle you into new service at the entrance.  Seriously!?!?!  *flick*  We grabbed a pizza for dinner and watched the Netflix special Have A Good Trip about celebs doing psychedelics.  Pretty interesting stuff and sure makes us straight edge folk feel like we seriously missed out on some stuff.  The Mr's job does random drug tests so he freaks out eating poppy seed buns.

I decided Monday's meal was going to be me chucking a pot roast into the crock pot for BBQ beef sandwiches.  I put it in the night before so it was ready to roll for lunch.  I had the last of our corn on the cob, chips and beans so we had that on the patio.  Since it was hotter, we had the misting fan on.  The Mr was getting the brunt of it but we had on the Bluetooth speaker and a local station was playing 80's all weekend.  It felt like laying out in the backyard as a kid.  We just sat out there for a few hours listening to music before my sinuses had enough of whatever is floating around out there and we came inside and napped for like 2 1/2 hours in the A/C.  Not that we could really do anything else because our internet has been down all weekend so they come out today to fix the line in since it's on their end.  (They'd better.)  That was about it for the weekend. 

It would behoove me to meal plan a few bigger items to make ahead, divvy up and FoodSave because it's just been all about doing what's quick lately.  I suspect that won't change much.  I think I have one or two Food saver meals left of beef roast/roast turkey and homemade noodles.  I'm saving that one for a rainy day which could be any second now.   So I'll think on that one for more summery meals.

How was your weekend?  Grill out any goodies? 

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  1. It was a nice weekend to enjoy our patio. Especially since this is normally the weekend we would be doing all the work to get the patio ready to use so bonus time! Thanks for all the hard work prepping and cooking. It was all so good!

  2. So happy to hear you actually got to enjoy some quality patio time! Yippeeeeeee!!! The weekend was good. I worked all weekend, so that was an odd feeling for the holiday, but we managed to cut the lawn yesterday when I got home from work before the rain...and then it didn't rain. LOL Did all the typical chore stuff, and rested when I could. We had steaks on the grill yesterday for the first time in almost two years! They were SO good I almost slapped myself! LOL We had Porterhouses, steak fries and broccoli with butter sauce. Delicious! Then I had to go to work an hour and a half later. Ha! Very hot and humid weekend, but can't complain overall.


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