Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Quick Check In

Yesterday, the Mr and I were planning on getting some flowers when he got off work.  He surprised me and took half a day so we could get there earlier than later.  We know that our patio is going to be our respite throughout the summer so I wanted to get stuff established sooner than later now that frost appears to not be an issue.  Ever since this started, I have craved color and life.  Call it my pandemic response.  We triple-layer masked, AirTamered and I took my spray sanitizer to spray down the carts and got down to business and spent $350+ hoping that some of these friggin' perennials will take and come back next year.  We have HORRIBLE luck with them but I want to give them another try.  We got home and scrubbed down Silkwood style and got to work.

Did y'all hear about how Brian May from Queen ended up in the hospital last week after shredding his ass muscles from "over-enthusiastic gardening?"  Yeah, I totally get it now after four straight hours of bending, digging, hunching over, etc.  My butt is TOAST.


This is a quick pic of the arbor the Mr built last Friday...

My hope is by this time next month, the vines I planted will be covering that bad boy and give us natural shade or I'll have a peaceful place to read a book which I haven't done all lockdown long.  I didn't get to take pics of everything planted because it was getting dark when we finished but I'm hoping with all of the rain we're getting the next few days and then the sunshine that in about 10 days I'll have something good to show y'all.

I was thankful for pre-made frozen meatloaf servings I thawed earlier and threw together some mac and cheese because it sounded good and we had that for dinner.  We hobbled over to the couch where the Mr massaged my feet and legs while we watched the Survivor finale.  It's weird watching it at home this year and honestly, we weren't going to be thrilled with anyone who won and it seems to have been that way for a long time.  I saw Netflix, I think, has season one.  When we're bored, we might have to fire it up to see how it's changed in 40 seasons.

Do you have a green thumb?

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  1. It is nice to have all the flowers around us. I sure hope these come back every year as it is a lot of work and I am jealous of the people who do nothing and have all their perennials just look great year after year. As for survivor, not surprised who won. It would be really interesting to see what that first season was like now. I don't even think they had hidden immunity idols yet. Imagine that.

  2. The patio looks great! Props to the Mr on the arbor! Hubby had the green thumb. We invested heavy in perennials for years. Some things took amd still reward, others died off. Took me awhile to figure out that some areas just suck and no matter what I do, I need to count on annuals. My favorite area is where we put in a bed right along the driveway. Tulips and daffodils followed by peonies, coneflowers and bee balm.
    I'm super jelly of my neighbor who paid a pro designer to lay everything out.
    Have s great day!

  3. I definitely don't have a green thumb but it isn't quite a black thumb. I got lucky and the people who owned my house before me seemed to have a green thumb and did a lot of planting. I've got hostas, lots of different day lilies, tulips, and two daffodils. My house is surrounded by pine and fir trees, so the soil is quite acidic and is a constant challenge. I also have flower boxes under three windows and some raise beds. I try to plant annual flowers in the boxes and vegetables in the beds. I seem to be able to keep the annuals alive over the course of the summer, but there is definitely room to improve on the vegetables. Last year I managed to harvest about four handfuls of cherry tomatoes, a couple of servings of green beans, some snap peas, and some chives. But I had planted a lot more.

    Right now my flower boxes are sitting in my front room, with flowers planted but there is still a risk of frost. We had snow flurries yesterday. So, I'm trying to keep the annuals that have been planted in the boxes and starter plants that I bought for the raised beds alive. Hopefully, by June I'll be able to put them outside.

  4. I loved that Bob's Burgers episode! Back at my mom's old house when I was growing up she had a 125 foot garden that ran the entire length of the fence that was gorgeous. She took care of the flowers and my job was to take care of the section that was up by the house which was all vegetables. I loved it and that encouraged me to do my own vegetable garden when I got my own house. I had a small garden of about 10 ft x 10 ft and had tremendous luck for a good ten years. We told our neighbors to PLEASE come take some tomatoes and cukes because we just couldn't keep up because they grew so well. I experiments with all kinds of stuff and really enjoyed doing herbs (totally looked like Bob Belcher in those We also had day lilies fof about 10 years on either side of the deck stairs, but eventually replaced them with bushes. We have a very small patch out front that we did seasonal flowers and for a long time they just flourished beautifully. We got away from all of it during a rough season in life and when we went back to do vegetables, the soil had changed so much that we'd get a few cukes, one pepper, and only a vine of tomatoes. We changed the soil up a bit with additives and such, but that spot just stopped being a healthy area for some reason. So now gardening now. I will say that I have two plants in the African Violet our realtor gave us in 2000 that's still thriving and a Philodendron plant that is from 1995 that I can't kill if I tried! LOL The thing just keeping growing and growing and the leaves are just as pretty and shiny as when the plant was given to me.

  5. I don't know that I have a black thumb, but it's definitely dark grey. My cats don't help with houseplants either - anywhere that has enough sun for plants to thrive is also a highly coveted spot for the cats, guess who wins.

    When I moved in there were already rose bushed outside and they have done beautifully up until this spring. I think one of the three is dead and I'm very sad. I'm not sure what to do with the other two to save them. I have had fantastic luck for several years with tomatoes in a raised bed - fresh tomatoes are awesome! This year's plants are waiting to go in later today or tomorrow and I'm going to add a cucumber, and jalpeno in buckets and see how that goes. I also bought a cilantro plant so we'll see if I can keep it alive. I saw some baskets last time I had to physically go to the store, they hang on the wall, and I'm wondering if I can make that work in my living room for some plants.


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