Friday, May 22, 2020

What I'm Reading This Week #21

Happy Friday everyone.  It's finally here and a nice long weekend to hopefully get your grill on!  We had an infinitely better install experience with our microwave yesterday as it wasn't the same bonehead jerks they've sent us the past two times.  He seems to be a one man operation and was professional, like actually measured stuff and then shook his head at how bad the previous install was.  He asked what the guy looked like and the Mr looked to me and I said "shady."  He said "small guy covered in tattoos?"  Ding ding ding!  (For any sleeved folks, I am not saying that people covered in tattoos are shady, that's not what made him that way.  It was just fastest way to identify him.)  He was here longer than the previous toolbags both times combined.   Call me old fashioned, but I appreciate a dude in a polo and khakis showing up and actually taking the time to do what needs to be done for a correct install.  

Now let's take the time to see...    

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There's an Emerging, Promising Link Between Exercise and Your Immune Health   (Good news!)

How to Create a Classic Cottage Garden  (Love them ALL!)

7 Ways to Become a More Loving Partner  (Excellent things to put into practice.)

25 disappointing photos that show the ugly truth of living in a tiny house  (Hell no.)

8 Strategies to Manage Overwhelming Feelings  ("Their brain’s power grid is overloaded, so the result is like summer in the city when everyone’s running an air conditioner—the lights flicker, and then go out."   Yep, that's about right.)

13 Cheap (or Free!) Ways to Practice Self-Care  (Gotta love that.)

15 Amazing Camping Gadgets  (Or travel.  I can vouch for the extendable roasting forks.  We take them on vacations and use them for patio s'mores!)

Man Enjoys Sweetest Post-Coronavirus Lockdown Reunion With His Family's Donkey  (Aww!  Make sure you turn it up real loud toward the end to hear the donkey's response and freak out anyone in your house in another room.)

Virtual Vacations You Can Take Straight From Your Couch   (BRB, going to climb Machu Picchu)

Stewart Copeland on Life in Quarantine, Mourning Neil Peart  (Love reading his perspective.)

Remembering Lynn Shelton by boyfriend Marc Maron  (OMG, this is such a beautiful tribute to her and my heart so breaks for Marc. The raw emotion of his love for her and talking about her last days is so gutting.  Tissues required.
Marc talking about Lynn and what happened to her: 00-8:09
Marc's podcast with Lynn prior to them dating in 2015: 8:09- 1:22
Marc's final memorialization post podcast: 1:22-1:33)

I've got some potting I have to do for some bare root plants that came in ahead of the window box I ordered.  Again, a case of we say it'll be done in this amount of time but it won't be and we need you to contact us to remind us how to do our jobs.  So hopefully they'll like their temporary homes and we can be almost done with the patio's final look.  We've also got some grilling on the menu, of course.  I've got a few pounds of ground beef squirreled away since the hint of a meat shortage happened just in case.  I'll thaw the Portillo's street polish and make some baked beans so we can skywrite by the end of the night.  Might take a drive north on some country roads if we get antsy.  Other than that...the usual.

Anything planned for the holiday weekend?

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  1. Listening to that podcast is tough. Definitely be ready with a tissue. As for this weekend, since I didn't even know it was memorial day weekend until, oh, Tuesday, it was a nice surprise. Who doesn't want an extra day to not have to log in and babysit a computer all day? Have a great weekend everybody. Stay safe and don't get too crazy about all those things opening up out there!

  2. So glad the microwave install was a hit! Sounds like a really great experience with this guy. Not much different planned for the weekend since I have to work. Got all the bedding and towels done yesterday, so today I'll do all the clothes laundry when I get home from work. Tomorrow we'll grocery shop and I'll try to get a late afternoon nap in before heading into work. The hubs unemployment starts Monday so he has some projects he said he plans to get done. Not sure if we'll grill out this weekend or not because we're supposed to have storms from tomorrow through Tuesday...and it's going to be quite hot. Near 90 and humid. Cutting the lawn will be so fun next week. LOL I had to giggle when the hubs told me that he now plans on when he vacuums the house based on my work schedule and tries to get it done before I get home in the morning so I can sleep. That was quite sweet and we had a good chuckle about all the weird adjustments we have to make. Like he has to tell me what day it is repeatedly because I cannot for the life of me keep them straight right now! Have a spectacular Memorial Day weekend!! God bless each and every military member for their service and sacrifice!!


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