Monday, May 11, 2020

Mothers Day weekend recap

It's Monday...ready for the new week? 

I was happy that one of my favorite local shops I frequent started to allow contactless curbside and I got a vintage pitcher from her I regretted not picking up when I bought its smaller cousin a few months ago.  She had it all bagged up and waiting at a table by the door.  When we were done, we drove a few blocks to town and walked the neighborhoods.  You never know the fun things you'll find.

We had a productive weekend mixed with blowing through some of my Netflix shows I was waiting for.  Workin' Moms seemed a little meh this season but at this point I will watch anything new that I've been waiting for.  We also torched the new episodes of Dead to Me which was worth the wait and more to come...someday.  Definitely kept the good writing up for season two which is such a rarity these days. 

Friday right after work, the Mr was ready to tackle our patio project so we got it assembled in a few hours.  And by we, I mean I handed him varying size screws while he pre-drilled and screwed in the hardware.   There is nothing more irritating than buying something months prior, only to find out that come time to assemble, what they gave you is not going to work.  Thankfully, we had better screws from a previous project and I just happened to have a matching piece we could cut to size but we shouldn't have had to.  We've got the majority of it assembled but later this week, I'll hopefully get what I need to finish it. 

I was glad to have that pretty much done Friday night because I feared we would have to waste our Saturday doing it.  The Mr got the rest of the patio together and hosed down while I made some homemade ice cream since the ingredients I got for it were going to expire soon.  I also made banana bread for my mom in case she wanted to get together.   The kitchen looked like a culinary bomb went off in there which is always a joy to clean.  Sunday morning I checked the radar and saw we had a bit of a break in rain bands and asked my mom if she wanted to meet at Grandma's "condo" and social distance.  She agreed and an hour later we set up a little spot for her.

I already mailed her a gift card but I've had these farmhouse containers for her since February and packed my chocolate chip banana bread in there which she was more than happy to receive.  Stayed our respective 6' away from each other because whether she likes it or not, we're into keeping everyone involved safe.   We talked for 3 hours catching up though to be fair, that is about the average running time of a normal visit anyway.  Caught up on good stuff and head-shaking stuff that I'm not even taking on because  not my circus, not my monkey.  I will say, something broke our hearts while we were there.  This older black gentleman came over about 2 graves away from grandma to sit and be with his wife.  My mom gave a sad look and asked if one of our flowers had a way to be broken off.  The Mr bent off one of the yellow roses and I took it over and handed it to him and asked if he needed a flower for her.  He said someone had stolen the flowers from her grave and he was crying and thanked me for the flower as he stuck it in her vase.   It barely stayed in there and that wasn't acceptable.  I unwound the two bouquets we had on grandma's grave and put the yellow roses in her vase with some foam we had in the car to keep it from moving and said: "no mom should be without flowers on Mothers Day...until you can get her the ones you want."  He thanked me and when he left, he honked and waved goodbye.  So now we will make sure Fran is taken care of too.  I've already ordered harder foam blocks to keep in the car and got her a new bunch of pink peonies until he can get back out with his preference.  We got home with about 30 minutes to spare before it alternated between monsoon and sunshine.  (As I typed that, it thundered loudly...guess we're going back to monsoon.) 

I made us a loaf of banana bread with the final 4 decaying bananas before we needed to start cleaning the kitchen for some stuff happening in the kitchen this week.  I'm afraid to say it out loud so I'm going to wait until it's all hopefully done and I can report back a smooth batch o' upgrades. 

That about wraps stuff up on our end. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. It went by pretty fast, well they all do but this one felt even faster. I am glad we got some work done. Another project behind us. Also glad we found a way to safely meet with Mom on what turned out to be a decent afternoon with some rainy parts mixed in for good measure.

    1. I'm hoping by this weekend we can actually enjoy some fruits of our labor! Thanks for all of your hard work!!

  2. I've been reading for years but have never commented but you made me cry today. I just want to say I love what you did for that gentleman, you and the Mr. have such kind hearts. I can't believe someone stole flowers from a grave but I do believe in karma :)

    1. Aww, thanks Jo. He broke my heart and we had the flowers to spare. We'll get her new ones and take them this week with a little note in a baggie telling him we've got foam in there to help keep her flowers secure. You could tell they had pre-planned because there were sweet little messages to each other on the stone. He said he's there quite often and doesn't know why someone would take them. I'm wondering if they blew out by accident because there's no foam to hold them in and because they knew they'd have a ton of people for Mothers Day they threw them away not knowing where they went. That's my hope at least.

  3. My weekend, like almost all of the others lately, was pretty low key. On Saturday I had an appointment at our local greenhouse to buy flowers for my window boxes and some tomato starter plants since I can never get them to grow from seed. I also made faux Cinnabon cinnamon buns and I gave some to a neighbour and to my mother. On Sunday I had a socially distanced visit with my mother, delivering the cinnamon buns, a hanging flower basket from my brother for Mother's Day, and my own bag of treats of some of her favourite snacks as a gift for Mother's Day. The rest of Sunday was spent on the sofa nursing an upset tummy and watching the final few episodes of the current season of Curse of Oak Island on the PVR.

  4. Yes, that's a better way to think about it rather than thinking they were stolen. So good of you to get the foam and more flowers. They sound like they were a lovely couple.

  5. If your wind has been anything like our wind, the flowers blowing away is a likely scenario. I had mostly drained my above ground pool, but left enough water in it (I thought) to hold it still until I could take it to the dump since I knew it wouldn't last another season. I underestimated how much water to leave in and the wind picked it up and blew it across the yard until it stuck against the shed. So a good chunk of Friday was spent dealing with that which led to some yardwork happening. The rest of the weekend... these days the weeks and weekends just blend together. It's the end of the school year so I'm working weekends just like always, and with working from home during the week there just isn't a lot to tell the days apart. The only fun thing was going to the nursery to get some starter plants and then I got some flowers to plant for Mother's Day.

    I will say that I may never go inside WalMart again. I've been doing their curbside pickup and it's fantastic. I do have a few things I need to go inside and pick out myself, but for most things this is going to be my long term go to. I only wish my regular grocery store offered this option.

  6. What a wonderfully kind thing for you to do. Thanks!!!


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