Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hump Day Poll: Water Not An Option

If you could jump into a pool of anything (other than water), what would it be?

I don't know why I immediately thought Jell-o!  😂  Like you could kind of be suspended in it like Dwight's stapler but you could also squish it through your hands and that would be super satisfying to a tactile person like me.

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  1. Chocolate pudding. You could also squish it between your fingers and toes. Might be kind of dangerous though too. Not sure you would float at all like in jello, so it shouldn't be a very deep pool.

  2. I'm with the Mr. Chocolate pudding. I think it could be soothing, velvety. I would also go with a clay mud if I could enter it slowly. I think it would give too much resistance if I tried to jump into it.

  3. I have this thing about being in water I can't see through. I get really twitchy and freak about anything that touches my legs. It has gotten worse as I've gotten older. So my first thought is: oobleck. Cause if you do it right you don't fall in but rather run across it. Jello, as long as it's clear, also sounds interesting. But seriously, I've had a minor freakout in a 'milk' bath when I bumped into a sponge fall that into the water without my noticing. I didn't jump out but did splash water onto the floor.

  4. I think I'd do a foofy thing like a pina colada where it's frothy but with a light fluffy texture that would feel good to dive around in. Now I need to go find a mini umbrella to twirl...


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