Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Who Would You Invite?

There's been nothing shareworthy going on over this way so I'm going to yank out a random topic. 

You know how people ask you "if you could have dinner with one person dead or alive, who would it be?"  Well, I think just picking one person is kind of unfair so I'm going to pick three for a nice round number that would fill my dining table.

1)  Elvis Presley

Oh my Lord, the things I would want to say to him and ask him to sing Teddy Bear to me.  (I'll take any Elvis but especially 1957 Elvis if I have a choice.)  I just love how generous he was even though it was to a fault sometimes.  He could read the phone book and I would be a puddle.  Listening to him sing anything but especially gospel where he would go almost operatic...gimme da vapors. 

2)  Olivia Newton-John

I have had the biggest girl crush on her my entire life.  That woman is truly angelic.  Her voice can bring me to tears no matter what time of the month it is.  The way she smiles, her laugh, her genuine sweetness, her giving spirit, her philanthropy.  She just seems like an all-around wonderful person.  One of my favorite scenes from any movie she's been in is this one where at about the 2:50 mark, you can see her adorable goofy personality shine through.  I love that she seems to love to laugh and be silly.  I just want to sit next to her and soak in her awesome.

3)  My grandma

If she didn't mind whipping up some noodles to serve to Elvis and Olivia, I'd be more than happy to make them with her.  I'd give anything to see her smile as I went gaga for these people and watch her swoon as Elvis belted out a country tune since she loved country music.  To smell her White Rain and White Diamonds co-mingle as I put my cheek on her soft cheek and hear her say "you were my first grandbaby" just one more time.  Then when Elvis and Livvy left, she'd stay behind and we'd catch up and I'd lay my head on her shoulder until she had to go.

If you had to choose three people, dead or alive, to a dinner party who would you invite?

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  1. 1) My Dad: I would love to have the chance to catch up with him on things. Show him what we've been up to and find out what it's like on the other side. Maybe watching too much Six Feet Under has influenced me there but I think it would be one heck of a dinner party.

    2) Bruce Dickinson: Lead singer of Iron Maiden for those not in the know. He is more than just a rocker and I would love to see what kind of an amazing conversation could be had with someone who just does everything that interests them and how he finds the time to do everything he does.

    3) Jim Carrey: He seems to be just eccentric enough to scare people nowadays but he's more than just a funny guy and I think seeing a real side to him would be an amazing experience.

  2. 1) My Mom. She's been gone for 28 years and I still miss her every day. I'd show her pictures of her 5 great grandchildren and show off my weight loss and I know how proud she'd be.
    2) Barbra Streisand. My favorite singer of all time. I hope she'd give us at least a mini concert of some of my favorites and I would be in Heaven.
    3) My grandchildren as adults so I'd get to see how they turned out. I have high hopes for them and probably won't live to see them too far into adulthood (they are 12, 9, 9, 4, and 20 months), and I am so curious to see what they will make of their lives.
    I know that's too many people--But it's a fantasy so anything goes.

  3. 1) Jesus. I have A LOT of questions for Him.
    2) Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird
    3) Mark Lane, author of Rush to Judgment, which questioned the Warren Commission's lack of credibility in the assassination of JFK


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