Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sucked in again

Howdy do all.

Yesterday I got a little productive and got some work stuff done and wrapped the Mr's birthday presents even though it's not for a month.  In the background, I had on the show Insatiable.  I don't know if y'all have heard the backlash against this show or not but here's the short version.   Fat girl gets punched, has to have her mouth wired shut, gets skinny and wants revenge.

I really only wanted to watch because Dallas Roberts is in it and I love him but like most shows that get negative publicity, it just made me want to watch it more.  It does address some of the things that heavy people go through from disordered eating to the mental trauma still leftover once the weight is lost.  But it does it in an over the top fashion that I'm sure is one of the main reasons people weren't on board with this.  It reminds me of this one show that was on called GCB  (Good Christian B*tches) which was such a guilty pleasure show because it showed the backbiting, two-faced nature of people.  *Gasp, you mean that stuff doesn't only happen on the internet?*

(dripping with sarcasm)

I think the first part of the show was pretty good even if it was super satire but the second part felt like it was like season two.  Almost like they knew people would pitch a fit, so they tried to cram two seasons into one.  It also tackles sexuality both as a kid and adult.  I "watched" the whole season yesterday since I started early.  (I had it on in the background while I worked and got stuff done.)   When it comes down to it, I'm glad I saw it and made up my own mind.  There's nothing I hate more than people trying to censor a show.  If you don't like it, don't tune in.  There was quite the twist ending but I felt like it was a little desperate to make up for a string of crappy episodes.  But I will always watch a show or see a movie with bad press, and I will likely never watch a show that everyone else is talking about or saying I MUST see it.  (I've never seen a Harry Potter, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones or Walking Dead on purpose.)

Would I watch another season?  Meh.  If I watched whatever two or three shows we got our Netflix card for and had nothing else to watch.  I just don't know where it really has to go from here and kind of feel the same about Ozark.  I love Jason Bateman, but I don't know if I care what happens to this family anymore.  :-\   Ten hours is a long time to invest when you feel indifferent about a show, and we were both glad it was over.

Other than that it was the BFF workout and fish and polenta for dinner.

What shows have you purposely watched due to negative press or avoided due to hype?

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  1. I remember when "Faces of Death" was like the biggest controversial thing you could watch because it was real. Rented it and felt that charge you get when you're doing something you know is supposed to be so wrong. There were shocking moments in it (literally) but honestly nothing as shocking as half the stuff we're all subjected to regularly on the news nowadays.

  2. I watch what I want to watch and don't worry about what the critics say. I loved the Harry Potter series (both movies and books) and I'm an avid Walking Dead fan (comic books, show, and novels set in the world). I never liked Sex in the City and although I've read a couple of the books I haven't watched GoT. One of my favorite shows ever was Firefly, which of course was cancelled after one season. I've tried to watch a couple of "big name" shows that just left me cold so I stopped watching. The "experts" and I don't always agree.

  3. I'll get sucked into watching a show if it has buzz but no amount of publicity will make me watch a show if the concept doesn't appeal. Walking Dead is like that for me. I don't do internal organs. I will get drawn in by actors or buzz. I got about halfway through Ozark but don't know if I'm going to finish the first season. I have other things to do. The worst though is when a show I used to love flounders and I keep watching, hoping they will get back to what it once was. I've learned to just let go and catch up on Netflix if the reviews get better.

  4. I don't really pay attention to much buzz because I'm not on social media and don't watch ET or things like that. I'll hear about some shows, but I tend to find things on my own as I'm flipping around. I don't care for shows that are too emotional because I just want to be entertained more than anything, so I veer more towards comedies, and those don't get as much hype as series do.


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