Friday, September 28, 2018

What I'm Reading This Week #39

Happy Friday everyone!  It's been a long week so I am ready for the weekend fo' sho.  Anyone else?

Let's breeze right into...

I Wish Someone Had Told Me These 5 Tips Before I Started Lifting Weights  (Me too!)

Collagen Peptides: Everything You Need To Know About The Gut-Healing Protein That's Famous For Improving Skin, Too  (And also know that it may not work for you.  See Tuesday's post.)

4 Tiny Actions That Will Make You 10 Times Happier  (Might have to put some of these into practice)

Signs Your Family Member’s ‘Forgetfulness’ Is Actually Alzheimer’s Disease  (On the money)

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong  (Courtesy of the Mr.  It's long so you'll want some time on your hands for this one.)

7 Social Media Habits That Can Be Harmful To Your Mental Health  (All of these)

9 Pumpkin Spice Products That Are Surprisingly Healthy  (I can vouch for the Halo Top one but must find this pumpkin pie hummus.  Or maybe not.  They probably don't mean snarfing a whole tub at once is healthy.)

11 Myths About Apple Cider Vinegar You Should Stop Believing Right Now

There's a reason you forget someone's name immediately after meeting them  (This has always been me.  Apparently it's because I don't give a crap??)

Unpacking Comparison, and How It Actually Steals Your Joy  (Always go into social media remembering this is someones' highlight reel, not their actual life!!  Except here.  You know I keep it ugly.)

Ex-Host Sues Hallmark Channel for Retaliation After Reporting Harassment  (Good for him!  Women need more male allies and the fact it appears he was fired for standing up with co-workers can't be tolerated.  I truly miss seeing him every day, and the new dude irritates me to no end.)

The Bill Murray Stories:  Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man  (I am so psyched for this.  If only we all lived life like Bill Murray and said yes more.)

The Mr has the potential to work this weekend but we're going to try not to let that stop us from being out and about.  I know he's got a football game to watch in there somewhere so I can get some work done then.  Funny, I was the big fanatic when we met and now I could give a rat's rump.  It's all commercials and flags and 15 minutes of actual play.  Beh.

What are y'all into this weekend?

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  1. I really hope to not have much to do for work this weekend but hard to tell ahead of times sometimes because honestly I end up having to hand hold others who should be able to do their job more than actually having to work myself half the time.

    1. I hope not too but sorry for the crap bomb they dropped in your lap this morning. Good thing you don't drink.

  2. My husband does not watch football. But he does watch tennis tournaments. Hours and hours and hours. They run for two weeks. And he has come around to the benefits of Recording. Sometimes the whole match is recorded. Sometimes he is watching it live. In live mode - He lets it get an hour or more head start. And then can blink thru the commercials. (We don’t fast forward, we use the blink function).

    This has changed our lives. He can watch so many more matches, so quickly.

    I have the recorder set to go 120 minutes past the end of the scheduled time, because often tennis matches run long.

    1. I had to laugh because we do the same thing with football and tape the next two shows because inevitably it runs long and there's nothing worse than seeing a man whose sports got cut off with 4 minutes remaining in a close game! ;-)

  3. I finally had some time to sit and read your links... GREAT articles! Very informative reads for me. Thanks for posting!


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