Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Birthday weekend round up

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend if you got yesterday off.  It was my birthday weekend.  I started it feeling a little down in the dumps and I always seem to get that way around my birthday especially the last 4 years when Grandma was no longer able to do birthday gatherings anymore.  Even the few years prior, I felt like my birthday was an inconvenience to celebrate.  I can't quite explain it.  The Mr got me a birthday cake and I decided that I wanted my favorite copycat burger from a vacation restaurant so I was okay with cooking.  As you can see, we needed to unhinge our jaws to fit it in.

Sooooo good. 

I had some pampering stuff on my list this year after going on our retreat last month and wearing a robe that actually fit. 

So I got a fluffy robe, foot soak tub with salt (inspired from our trip to a foot spa in Maine), hot/cold eye mask, flowers, a scarf, and t-shirt.  That evening, he told me to get in my jammies and robe and he ran some hot water so I could soak my feet.  He turned on the diffuser and made me some tea and I sat with the eye mask on my eyes.  It was so nice.  Then afterward he gave me a little foot massage.  Yes, please! 

On my actual birthday, I packed up a picnic, we grabbed mini cakes and went to celebrate with Grandma.  We may not do birthday family dinners anymore but that doesn't mean I couldn't spend it with her.  I wish it hadn't been 90 degrees out but we were out there for about 30 minutes or so in our camping chairs and I know she was with me.  We went home and I opened my gifts from a friend that went overboard on me.  The Mr joked she made him look like a chump.  LOL  That night we played Boggle and UNO. 

I beat him at Boggle and he stuck me with two draw fours on the last hand of UNO after he had me draw two.  Dick. 

Yesterday was SUCH a lazy day.  Even after breakfast, we still felt tired and got sucked into Celebrity Ghost Stories and floated in and out of consciousness.  Then I colored in my Snoopy Christmas coloring book, we started reading some old journals from vacation and then figured we should probably get our workout in.  So we did that and I made turkey burgers and potato wedges for dinner.  That was that.

How was your weekend?

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  1. What a weekend! That burger is legitimately the best in the universe. It's a shame nobody else but us get to experience that... yep, damn shame, lol. I hope you had a great birthday. With all the amazing cooking you did I felt like it was mine!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!
    We had our family reunion at my house. 25 people descended on the homestead with 7 staying at my home. Torrential downpours all weekend. Good thing my patio is covered!

  3. We spent the weekend in a cabin in the mountains. It was actually cold enough to need a jacket, and it rained off an on. After the long, hot, dry summer though it felt fantastic! I love the mountains. The only downside was that there is still a burn ban in effect so no campfire.

  4. That sounds like an absolutely perfect birthday weekend! I love that the Mr. gave you a pampering weekend and you guys ended it with playing some games. Makes me all squishy inside. And that burger looks phenomenal!!
    My weekend was really good with getting lots of stuff cleared out of the spare room. I watched college football, did the laundry and put new bedding on the bed, and ran some errands. Yesterday I spent a good amount of time cleaning the kitchen area (aka my office space, even though I have one upstairs), and that felt good. Got about 60% done there and that was kind of unplanned so I'll take it as a victory. Back to the grind today with work, but I go into the week knowing I accomplished some goals this weekend.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Glad you had such a great weekend! That burger looks soooooo good!

  6. Happy belated birthday! Am I the only one that noticed your boggle tray spells "Aloha?" Seems appropriate.


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