Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hip to release and playing catch up

Happy Thursday everyone!

It's been a rainy few days here so we haven't been able to get out and walk every day like we want to. I think we'll be three out of five days by tomorrow so I guess that's not too bad since we should be clearing up today. 

I got some good work done and will probably get on a little more after my chiro appointment today.  It'll be interesting to see what he has to say about my booty because I've been doing trigger point release on that area a few days this week with this track I got and these balls that go in it.  (affiliate links)  I'm hoping if I keep it up that these damn hips will release if not, I keep getting the jackhammer drill to the cheeks.

Last night we were catching up on the DVR and I swear someone is trying to tell us something.  The subject matter contained not one but two dire medical situations people we love are going through.  It is not a medical show and we have never seen these issues brought up anywhere before so I feel like we're being prepared for something not great.  (We already are but still, it was just very, very unsettling to have statistics presented in that format when we just wanted to decompress for the night.)  Survivor started last night.  I swear every season I say I'm done and we watch again but we usually watch in fast forward.  If the cast sucks, we watch challenges only then tribal council because everything in between is speculative and not true.  Hmm, I'm trying to think what other shows we've watched.  On the new show front, we watched Manifest which kind of felt like Stephen King's Langoliers to a degree.  I really like Josh Dallas from Once Upon a Time and he's good in it but we are wholly underwhelmed with the rest of the casting so I don't know how long this will remain on our DVR.  We give it two more episodes, well, I do.  If it doesn't pick up, my time is worth more.  We also watched I Feel Bad.  It was kind of cute but annoying in a lot of spots and again suffers on casting so I don't see that being on DVR long either if it doesn't get canceled.  Might give it one more shot.  We did tape Lethal Weapon to see how Seann William Scott did and we thought he did really well.  Not sure if I'm invested in it or not but we've always liked him.

I know, Thrillsville.  😀

What shows are you watching?  Give any new ones a go?

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  1. It's always fun to watch the new shows and see what sticks. Looks like we already have a couple that are not going to stick but that's how it goes. I was disappointed in the Goldbergs. I won't spoil anything if anyone has it on their DVR but I just feel like, generally speaking, they've been using the 80's nostalgia in a "throw it and see if it sticks" kind of way lately and that episode definitely felt like the pinnacle of that.

  2. I recorded Manifest but haven't watched it yet. There are a couple of new ones I'm going record once the seasons start, but I don't have a huge amount of hope for any of them.

  3. I watched Single Parents last night and thought it was hilarious! There were a few times I barked out loud and got such a kick out of the funny sarcasm from Brad Garrett's character. I don't recognize most of the cast and that's rather refreshing to see different talent. There's another new show I'm completely drawing a blank on, but I commented to my husband that it looked like it would be pretty funny. Hopefully it'll come to me or I'll miss the whole season of it. lol


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