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Where to begin.

We were both under the impression they were coming to power wash the sand out of all of the cracks with the crap sand they used and replace with actual sand that would know like we paid for?  The owner came out, chit-chatted with the Mr saying that is what would happen then pointed out to the guy coming out to "fix" what he couldn't do right the first two times.  (I think it's no coincidence my fingers kept typing shat instead of chat in the previous sentence.)  He removed the first few rows by the gate and fixed some low spots then a lot of spots in the back.  I'm not going to lie, he made me cringe quite a few times the way he beats those expensive stones back into place.

(Would be funny if he hadn't actually damaged a prominent stone)

Then he left for a bit.  We figured he was grabbing lunch before having to blow out all of the sand.  He comes back an hour later and starts power washing.  We assuming with how long he's washing that he's getting it all out of the cracks and especially given how long he spends washing off everything that's covered in sand from our siding (which freaked us out because we don't have the color to match that if he starts stripping it off of there) to the stairs (that he wrecked AGAIN with a huge gash) to the fence.

Then he knocks on the door as the Mr is outside doing me a DIY favor (remember that medicine cabinet mirror that fell off months ago?  Yeah.  Might want to try to get that done before company) and says he'll be back Thursday.

(actual footage of my brain scrambling upon hearing the above info)
I told him we were under the impression this was being done today, why is that not the case?  "I used too much water and it needs to dry."

(actual footage of my reaction)
I informed him that was not an option because we literally have people coming Friday to see the patio (and this is the second time he's pulled that crap with us).  I get the deer in headlights look.  "Well, maybe we come back next week then?"

"Um, if Thursday is too late, what makes you think next week is somehow better??"

(His actual reaction...for real.)
*I close the door and go get the Mr to give him the heads up*

You can see he's immediately regretting taking this on and wondering if it would've been better to just let it all sink.

He dealt with him and was not getting any answers or at least not ones that made sense other than he MAY be here today weather permitting.  (We established the weather would not be permitting the rest of the week, therefore, we'd better be seeing him tomorrow.)   When he left, the Mr sent the owner an email asking him WTF and we were led to believe this was a one day job.  Then we go out to move the monster grill back in and see that he, in fact, didn't power wash out ANY sand!!!

So let me get this straight.  You are going to come back out to put curing sand on top of sand that won't cure so that when it settles over winter and spring that the top cured sand will crack and crumble due to the base not being stable?  I'm not an engineer but that seems a pretty simple concept to us.  The Mr then sent pics of what we expected the patio to look like (where he pulled out the bricks and removed the sand) to what we were actually left with (exactly what we started with this morning on 85% of the patio.)

Someone will be here at 9am today.

If I don't write any more this week, I'm probably awaiting a hearing of some kind.

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  1. Yep, this is exactly the way it all went down even right up to my Han Solo reaction. Now excuse me while I have someone put me in carbonite for awhile...

  2. A priest a nun and a rabbi walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says "What is this, a joke?"
    Good luck on staying out of jail. Maybe you can just murder the moron and bury him under the patio. The neighbors will never know because its being ripped out so much this summer. Perfect cover.

  3. Two guys walked into a bar. The third one ducked.

    I hope they get it done correctly today so you don't have to cancel your company because you are in jail.

  4. The joke I would say can't be in print for public consumption. LOL

    I so hope this gets DONE today and the nightmare can be behind you. What a giant pain in the rumpus. ARGH!!


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