Thursday, August 16, 2018

Only Thursday eh? jail time for me!!   I think from late afternoon on, we kept saying "is it really only Wednesday?"

The dudes came out a little late and of course, it was the same guys, not the original crew like we'd been promised could happen.  Whatever.  Just do the damn job and do it right please so we can all be out of each other's lives?  The Mr told him not to stick any sand in the corner because it was already high and we were told it was going to match exactly. 

It did not.

That picture does it no justice because some of you might be saying "I don't see much of a difference" but trust me when I tell you that it looks like static from an 80's scrambled adult movie between the stones.  This batch was not ground down as fine and is much chunkier so it looks like pink Himalayan salt mixed in with grey and black granules and it is VERY noticeable.  I am praying with time I will not be able to see only that when I look outside.  Or I may get some concrete stain and friggin paint between every brick.  I haven't decided for sure.  They offered to come out and seal in 2 weeks when it has a chance to settle.  Nope.  The manufacturer doesn't recommend sealing for at least 3 months and I'd rather go through the winter and spring settle before we lock anything in.  We'll do it ourselves, do not ever step foot on my property again.  My arms are about broken from having to lift that behemoth grill four times over the past two days.  Thank God, I remembered we had the forearm forklifts to help or I don't know how we would've moved that thing once much less four times in and out.  (affiliate link) 

About three hours later, we noticed the "non-hazing" sand that had already been washed with water twice was SO hazy that it looked like someone powdered a baby's butt over the patio.  So once again, after they leave when they "finish" a job, the Mr and I are down on hands and knees going over every square inch of the patio.  This time it was with a vinegar/water solution to wipe off said haze. 

Our date nights suck.

Then it was time to work out which neither of us wanted to do in the slightest but we did.  Then I made dinner and got to work on the next project...

Medicine cabinet here I come.  I don't know how it's going to look but right now I could give a rat's butt.  If I get to tomorrow without lockjaw (literally had to scrape my jaw open yesterday morning with my jade tool because it wouldn't open!) and a noticeable eye twitch, it will be a miracle. 

Also, happy birthday Elvis.

What's your favorite gadget you couldn't live without?

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  1. Those forearm forklifts are truly amazing and I am so glad we bought them. Moving that grill would have been impossible otherwise because the wheels just aren't good enough to allow it to be transported where we needed it transported. So yeah, that is a gadget I couldn't live without right now for sure!

    1. Me too! I remember when we moved the armoires into the garage with those things a few years ago when I painted them and they lifted like it was nothing! I only wish the 230 lb grill would've felt as light!

  2. Moving the grill and scrubbing the patio doesn't count as a workout? Maybe I'm just lazy, but when I do big jobs like that I totally count it. I'm glad it's done at least to the point where you guys can finish the rest and not have to wait on them to come do anything more. I'm so glad I've had mostly good luck with contractors I've hired.

    There are a lot of tools I wouldn't want to give up. I can't single one out this early in the morning.

    1. Unfortunately 6 minutes total of moving the grill and sitting on our butts doing light wax on, wax off on the stones didn't burn anywhere near what counts as a workout. But the days I used to scrub the patio stones and rug in previous years totally counted! ;-)

  3. I so hope today goes MUCH better for you and you don't have a blinding headache from all the stress, so you can relax and enjoy the weekend with your friends. You've more than earned some downtime!!

    One of my favorite gadgets is The Moving Men. Those little discs have helped me in sooooo many ways where I could move huge pieces of furniture by myself. They are truly a godsend. Love 'em!

    1. Those things are awesome! We just keep them under the armoires because no one visits enough for me to care to take them out. LOL


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