Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hump Day Poll: Whoopsies!

Did your younger self ever do something boneheaded that you know if you'd have actually thought about it for more than 1.4 seconds you would have rethought what you were about to do?  I don't mean something major and life-changing but the kind of thing that if a pre-teen to teenager did the same thing to you now, you would be highly irritated. 

Here's mine for an example.

It was the Mr and I's second New Year's Eve together.  (The previous one, we'd only been official for a week.  That's right, we're Christmas lovahs!)  We were having a gathering of friends at my house and I didn't have a punch bowl.  I wanted to be fancy and use dry ice for a festive billowing so.

The Mr said his mom had one I could probably borrow.  I didn't think a thing of it when I plopped the dry ice in her punch bowl.  Her silver punch bowl.  It made this horrible sound like nails on a chalkboard and I immediately regretted it but I figured the damage was done and I just dumped the Tahitian Treat in there and forgot about it. 

We didn't think about it again until we were cleaning it out and it was just completely tarnished inside.  I was 18.  I had no clue about silver polish or what to do to fix it.  (affiliate link)  We cleaned it up the best we could and she was not pleased and let the Mr know it.  It didn't help her mom died that night and she called the Mr ten minutes to midnight to let him know. 

Happy New Year.

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It's okay, laugh...the circumstance is typical for us in retrospect and we laugh and shake our heads too.

What boneheaded honest mistake did you make when you were old enough to probably know better but didn't do better?

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  1. Oh my. I don't think I could top the story you shared. That was a ridiculous set of circumstances. She never let me live that down either, but all it took was some of that TarnX stuff so no long term harm was done to the punch bowl. I am the only one with the long term harm in terms of being haunted by that phone call (I had a few beers in me at that point too) but I remember answering with a loud Happy New Year and then... silence, followed by my Dad informing me very solemnly that my Grandma had passed away. Talk about not knowing how to respond. Pretty much swore off drinking after that one.

  2. I can distinctly remember mixing bleach and ammonia together to clean the basement floor thinking that would get the tile 'really' clean. Well, after almost asphyxiating I realized my faux pas. Really needed to pay more attention in chemistry class that year.... lol


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