Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Walk in the Clouds

I've gotten used to a lot of things on my morning walks.  Regardless of what time I walk, either early with the Mr or later after he leaves, I'll always run into Rodney the Rabbit.

(Sorry for the crappy pic, it's zoomed in)

It's probably Rhonda, but for now, I call it Rodney.  Just like the names I make up for the dogs whom I have not been formally introduced to yet.  There are the two Golden Retrievers, Frick, and Frack, with their eyes glued to the streets with a longing look in their eyes.  The stoic Scotty that is so quiet, we either pass by him unaware of his presence or move closer to see if he's taxidermy until his furry eyebrow blinks or he gives one stern warning bark.  Hence I call him Connery. 

Then, of course, there are the four-legged neighbors whose names we do know and will get an occasional lick, sniff or jump from as their form of a 'good morning.'  It's always nice to see 'ol Roscoe the Bassett hound sleeping on the porch.  But we notice his hearing is worse and he doesn't bark anymore so we cherish those times we get to spot him knowing it may not be much longer to be in his company.

Some mornings show us if you want to see the rainbows, you've gotta sit through a little rain.

Then some days, there's literally art in the street.

But my favorite walks are the ones like Monday and Wednesday after a good soaking rain.  A nice layer of fog might still be present with humidity in the air that feels cool to the least for the first lap.  On the second lap, I'm covered in dew.  Okay fine, I'm happy?  There's a relaxing calm about those walks.

The animals are quieter, the sound of the tires going over wet streets as someone drives by, the sound of your shoes hitting the pavement are more muted, and you can almost hear the stillness of everything.  It's like a walk in the clouds.  Those are the walks that bring me the most peace because I just seem to be more aware of things.  It was part of the reason we owned land in a rainforest because I will always take rain and green over heat and brown.  When most people go inside when it's raining, I love being out there in it as long as there's no lightning.  I'll take that while curled up on the couch dreamily looking out the back window.

What are your perfect conditions for walking?

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  1. I am honored to be able to walk with you on certain days and I always love hearing what the names of the animals we come across are. They all fit quite well. I would love to know who drew that picture you saw. How random.

  2. There's a dog whose family moved that I named Roofus and every time we drove past him we'd say hi to him. Even the hubs would update me on what ol' Roofus was up to. LOL My favorite walks are on cloudy fall days where there is a bit of chill in the air, the ground is damp, and the breeze starts to rustle those leaves that are still on the trees. I love the smell of sandy grass and pine (hence why my favorite place in the world is the North Woods) and the quietness of padding down those trails. Because of the sandiness your footsteps sound different and there's something soothing about that. I much prefer cloudy and or rainy walks because I feel enveloped by nature.


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