Monday, August 6, 2018

Current Crushes: You're Not Ready For It edition

It's back to school month, and the smell of paper, crayons, glue and basically school is filling the stores.  (Sorry teachers!)  But you know what else is popping up...Halloween schtuff!  You all know I can't help but get giddy when I start seeing articles on Fall crafts and what my favorite stores are trying to lure me to buy for the season.

Let's skip on over to Sur La Table.

How adorable is this Pumpkin and Leaf Wreath!?

I would totally get this if I didn't think my storm door would crush the witch hat.  (It would.)  *kicks pebble*

Let's peep at Williams Sonoma.

Oh, my.  Now I know this isn't Halloweenish, but Williams Sonoma Mulled Cider Essential Oils Collection hand soap...yes, please!

I am obsessed with the scent of mulled cider, so this would be right up my alley!  You could probably find me in a corner creepily sniffing my hands all day.

What's good at World Market? 

AHHH...look at this Vintage Halloween Countdown Wall Calendar!!!

I've seen this graphic on a zillion items, and it always makes me squishy inside.  (More than normal) 

Oh crap.  They stuck it on napkins too.

I can't even take the jack-o-lantern.  Looks like wee childhood.

What it do, Pier1?

OMG, this Halloween Pumpkin Scream Framed Wall Art is hilarious!

How's about Kirkland's?

This Galvanized Jack O' Lantern Bucket is too cute!

I could see a few of these outside or if you're not into gutting a pumpkin, you could throw a candle inside and still be festive!

Oh man, IN LOVE with this Galvanized Metal Hay Ride Sign from there too.

I can totally see this going on our gate when I switch over to Fall decor!

Okay, I need to stop.  I'm getting the urge to bake and stuff. 

47 days til Fall!  (25 days until I say all bets are off!)

Do you decorate specifically for Fall holidays (Halloween & Thanksgiving) or Fall in general?

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  1. The scream pumpkin head is awesome. Fall is awesome and I can't wait!

  2. I love the bucket! No decor for fall except a scarecrow on the door.
    Have an awesome week!

  3. Halloween is far and away my favorite holiday, so I'm crushing on all this stuff too. I don't generally decorate for holidays much because it's a pain to take back down and I'm lazy, but I have built up a bin of stuff that I couldn't resist. The scream picture is cute, but that countdown calendar may be the one I can't resist this year. I also like pumpkin spice everything (almost - I would have said everything, but last year the had pumpkin spice ham at the deli. Yuck) so I'm looking forward to that as well.

    Not so much looking forward to back to school time though. This is my last week of vacation and I'm trying to figure out where all that time went.

  4. These are all fantastic! That wreath with the little hat is just darling! I used to decorate big time for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now I'm lucky if I get a plush pumpkin out on the bay window. LOL I have bins full of stuff but every year I'm like meh, don't feel like unpacking it all. Is there a more seasonal word for bah humbug in the fall? ROFL

  5. I love Fall decorations although not as crazy about Halloween stuff other than non-scary scarecrows. I completely forgot to get out my 4th of July decos, until I realized it about a week after the 4th. I won't forget Fall tho--Love it too much!!


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