Monday, August 20, 2018

Recovering weekend round up

Happy Monday!

Friday morning I woke up so broken. Mentally and physically.  The night before we spent more time than we should have getting the patio back in order so we wouldn't have to do it the day of company coming.  This was after a 30 minute HIIT that was settling into the joints.  I couldn't do much more when it was over than stare into space. We went upstairs and gave each other massages in the places that were most broken (calves for me- bicep for him) and went to sleep.  He slept like a log all night.  I was up from 1-3 am listening to God bowl strikes.


That's okay, I don't need sleep.  I hadn't had it leading up to then, why start when I'm most exhausted?   The next morning everything hurt, I had a headache and felt like a zombie.  I cried because all I wanted to do was cancel and sleep for 12 hours.  Entertaining, even my best friend whom I only get to see once a year and her new beau was the absolute last thing I wanted to do.  I even saw she messaged me and I burst into tears and couldn't open it for a few hours.  I think all of the stress I've been under this whole year barrelled down on me at that moment and I couldn't take one more thing even if it was supposed to be a good thing.  The Mr was a superstar of the homestead and took care of basically everything still waiting to be done while I just mentally tried to get myself together.  The visit came and went, and I was glad I got to see her.   She seems happy, and that's all that matters.  The next time I see her will likely be at her wedding.

Saturday was a recovery day, and it was much needed.  After a visit to Grandma's and seeing how faded her flowers are starting to get, we went to Hobby Lobby, and I spent an aggravating amount of time looking for the perfect fall flowers.  I will put them on her grave on my birthday in a few weeks so we can still spend some time together.  I thought about maybe taking a picnic there with her that day.  We still had crap to get done since it was grocery restock weekend.  We had lunch near Trader Joe's so I suggested we swing by and go if it wasn't too busy.  It was at about 75% capacity which is better than usual, so we went for it then to Target and dropped the goods back home.  Later, we found ourselves at the final grocery store to pick something up, and I suggested we get it over with while we were already there, so we did, which meant nothing to do grocery wise on Sunday.  Woot!  I was in a bit of a funk recovering from all of the 'festivities' of the week and between spilling my guts to a friend, visiting grandma and the Mr and I curling up on the couch to word barf, I felt better by the time we went to bed.

Sunday, I was finally able to sleep in.  I woke up at 7am but didn't have much problem getting back to sleep.  Again at 8am and said "NOPE!" and finally woke up at 9:50am and declared it a victory.  I'm hoping for a solid 6 hours like when I'm at my optimal energies because I was exhausted every single day last week and can't keep that up.  I decided to reward the Mr for keeping his cool all week with a lovely big brunch.  We hadn't done brunch in almost a month, so we were due.

(Yes, I like my omelets well done)

I did an au gratin potato dish using only two russets and smoked cheddar, so we didn't need very much of it.  It turned out really good.  We relaxed a little then went to places we wanted to go and not places we HAD to go which was just what we both needed.  He wanted to go to a dude store and said he'd drop me off at a chick store if I wanted so I agreed.  I stood by this display for about 5 minutes and just breathed in the scent of my favorite time of year...

These are new and while I love green apple anything  (Airheads, Laffy Taffy, etc), I'm of the mindset that candy corn should taste like fall.

After going to another dude store, we stopped and got some hot day refreshments.

A kid's size mango cherry icee is just the ticket.  Then we grabbed yogurt from the store and two movies to rent and plopped our butts on the couch the rest of the night after our HIIT session and dinner!

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?

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  1. I feel like the weekend did a good job of getting us back to a relaxed state even if it went by too fast in places. Now we can look forward to hopefully a quieter week. Thanks for the amazing meals you made, I am so lucky! Have a great week everybody!

  2. Happy Monday!
    Company golf outing then beach with my little.
    Have a great week!

  3. We went to the fair on Saturday. It's not nearly as much fun as an adult, but I took the boy and some of his friends and they had a great time which makes is all worthwhile. Skipped the food vendors though, I just can't pay $8 for funnel cake. Sunday was supposed to be a nice relaxed day, and I ended up busting my butt all day. All. Day. I had no idea there was that much to do around here. Today kids come back so it will be a crazy day. I can't believe another school year is already starting.

  4. LOL - the green bag of candy corn looked like "Witches Teets" when I first saw it! I was thinking Brach's was getting a little too forward! I needed a good laugh after the terrible 2 hour commute I had to work today. It seems like every street in Boston is getting a make-over!

  5. I am so happy to hear that you were able to truly enjoy your Sunday and got to do some fun window shopping with no deadlines or grocery needs. Just not having that mentally on your mind is such a mood lifter. Then you came home and chilled with movies- now that is a perfect way to end and extremely stressful week. I hope this week is much quieter and calmer for you. We are inching ever closer to fall. I saw some leaves scattered on the ground by this big beautiful tree and I smiled thinking it's almost heeeeeeere. =o)


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