Tuesday, August 14, 2018

What the hay and riled up redux

Happy Tuesday everyone!  The blah of weekdays.  Nowhere near as hated as Monday but not as revered as Hump Day.  Sometimes Tuesday feels like my spirit animal.

The weekend was full of need to do's.  Like a hanging plant fell earlier in the week and I thought it fell on the outdoor table.  Well, it did initially but then tipped over dumping everything into the cracks of the patio.  Yay.  It happened because of rope rot.  They had sisal rope and between weather and mini critters, it waved the white flag.  We decided to go with galvanized chain which isn't nearly as pretty but won't drop its contents either.  We headed to Home Depot and the guy who cut the chain for us was hilarious and sweary and I'm thinking he cut us a deal which was good because we got more than we needed.  We also headed to Kirkland's because as you know, I was crushing on the hayride sign last week.

Don't even look at me on the pumpkin patch one.  That was all Mr and who am I to turn down fall decor??  The Mr took care of some crappy jobs for which I am most thankful like cleaning the trash juice out of the trash can and trying to get the dirt from between the cracks in the patio...which leads us to the next story.

I've had a few people ask about when they're going to get to see the patio.  Well, let me clue you in on what's going on today.  They are coming to basically half redo the patio.  (Insert hissing here)  When we were trying to blast the dirt from the cracks with the hose, we wanted to scootch the water out of the back gate with our broom.  Nope.  It washed right back toward us in the middle.  That's a problem.  That means the required grading slope is not correct and that could spell big problems for us down the road.  The Mr wasn't having it and said he was emailing that douche and this was getting fixed.  He said he expected him out this week and this was his name on this project even if he subcontracted us out.  He is coming out and I'm not in it because the Mr said to let him handle it because I shouldn't have to stress out about it anymore.  Bless him.  Six effing weeks later we're still dealing with this crap.  The stone is beautiful but that's about it. 

So yeah.

This will be the THIRD TIME we've had to set up the patio again.  I'm over it.

What are you over this week?

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  1. Yeah, it was me. I talked you into the pumpkin patch one because I really like it too. All it needs is an arrow pointing in the opposite direction of the hayrides in my opinion and then it reminds me of a sign at one of those farms where you can do all that fun fall stuff.

    Ugh, the patio. I still firmly believe it will be worth it when all is said and done and it definitely looks beautiful but it should not be this much of a hassle when you pay this much money. I look forward to when you can share the pics with everyone because it will be amazing!

  2. I hope the third time is the charm on your patio. I'm back to work this week, and I'm already over meetings and trainings. Day one and I was bored almost to tears. Ugh. Kids come back next week and that's why I'm there in the first place so I'll be better then but it's always a shock to the system getting back into the routine.

    I like the signs. If I had room and motivation to decorate I'd do all the fall and Halloween decor. I'd love those signs.

  3. What an absolute mess that patio situation is. I SO hope they get it done right this time! I'm over car issues. Too many to count and all at the same time. I say we go back to the horse and buggy system. Pfft.

  4. I was wondering when we'd get our tour


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