Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hump Day Poll: Fitness Fads

Every decade has their fad diet or fitness gadget that is guaranteed (but not really) to "revolutionize" the way you lose weight forever!

When I was a wee one, it was this baby...

"That's right!  Slap on your sauna suit and sweat yourself into heat stroke whilst basting in your own juices!  Slim yourself for that big reunion in no time while leaning back on your vibration machine at Spa Lady!"

OMG, my mom, aunts and I had memberships to that place when I was like 10 years old.  You could put your name into the weight machine and it would always mispronounce my aunt's name and we would laugh our @sses off at it.  I would enter Goober and it would say "four more reps Gew-ber, you can dew eet" in its robot voice.  Good times.

What fitness or diet fad do you remember from your childhood?  What do you think will be the fitness fad of this decade in 20 years? 

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  1. That is hilarious (the body suit and also the robot voice). I just remember when I first became aware of a fitness fad I was maybe 6 or 7 and it was summer so I pretty much had to go anywhere my Mom wanted to go. She was into Jazzercise so I got to go and watch all the ladies exercise to jazzy music. If only I'd had a phone with games or a tablet back then because I just remember being nothing but bored since I wasn't quite at the age where I was interested in women dancing around like that, lol.

    But personally, it was the cabbage soup diet that I jumped on. It did work because you basically are starving the whole time and they claim you can eat all the soup you want but the joke is that you don't want to eat any soup at all! Ugh!

  2. I've done so many. They all work for while, even the sweat suit, but they are difficult to maintain and often you lose water weight and maybe muscle. Healthy habits are the way to go but if you were put on one of these fad diets in elementary school, as I was, you learn bad habits that haunt you your whole life. I've learned that any system that requires you to pay money or join a membership to learn its 'secrets' is probably a scam to make money for someone else and is unlikely to help me change lifelong habits.

  3. I think the Jane Fonda VHS tapes and the Thigh Master were the two big ones that were all the rage for many years. I do remember the sweat suit though! LOL


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