Monday, July 2, 2018

Weekend Recap and a heads up

Good Monday morning all!  Happy July and boy are we in it.

As predicted, it was a flaming hot weekend:

(Swiped from a friend's FB page)
"Lucky" for us we got to be out in it because after not getting phone calls back from our landscaper dude about a start date for the patio, we got an email mid-afternoon Friday that "oh, we'll be there Monday."  Not like we didn't have stairs to strip, allow to dry out and stain before you came out as well as about 15 other things that needed to be done before you could start.  :-|  I'd already started stripping them at various points during the week and then got the note and it was like Mach 5 with our hair on fire.  When you're continuously told "we'll be two weeks out once you get approval" and then how backlogged they were from the weather, it would've been nice to have more than 2 1/2 days to get done what needed to be done.  But oh well.

Sunday morning, by 8 am, I was out there staining and the Mr was moving the rest of the crap off of the patio.  I decided to stain the folding shelf we put up last year so it would at least match the stairs.  OH!  And color the Mr and I ticked big time because the paint we got for the inside of the fence last year that we did in the same sweltering heat is already bubbling and peeling!!!!  We've never in 22 years dealt with an issue like that so you can bet we're never getting that brand again.  I don't even have it in me to think about doing anything about it this year and no time to do it before the patio dudes do their thing.

They'll be here soon and my twitch should hopefully recede.  I ordered the grill that will go in the former garden area to be delivered assembled because ain't nobody got time for that!  It is quite the behemoth and I'll post when it's all out there and set up.  In addition, my mom is coming over for dinner tonight so we had to get both the inside and the outside ready.  She says she doesn't care what it looks like in here but I do.  She's a grit lover so I'm making her my shrimp and cheese grits.

Today and tomorrow will be super busy days...some we chose and some we were thrust into which I'm sure you can imagine sent my wee head spinning.

The heads-up part.  I don't know at what point this will kick in but I may not post every day for the foreseeable future.  I've got some stuff going on with family and friends that is occupying my mind lately.  So if I need the break from the pressure of coming up with something pseudo-compelling here, per the Mr's suggestion, I'm allowing myself to take it.  I feel like some days I'm forcing it and I don't know that it's fair to either of us.  So if you don't see a post, I'm likely fine and if I'm not, you know I'll eventually tell you.  All part of that work/life balance we all strive for.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I was so exhausted after this weekend but glad we got it all done in time and I think it will be worth it once we finally get to enjoy our new patio. Can't wait to see how it will look!

  2. Funny, your weekend weather forecast looks the same as mine starting today for this week. It was "only" low to mid-90s over the weekend so that was a nice break, but we'll be back up to 100+ starting today. Yesterday was the boy's birthday. How is he 12 already?

    I'm know it was awful being in the heat and under the time crunch getting the patio ready to be done, but the upside is that it will be done and you won't have to wait any more.

    I agree with the Mr. - if you need a break, take it.

  3. Mach 5 indeed! Talk about having to scramble! I hope the patio install goes flawlessly and your visit with your momma is awesome!

    Weekend was good with typical stuff that needed to get done and I'm happy with what I got accomplished. Nothing earth-shaking, but just completing some things on my to-do list and feeling good about it. Today I just got back from the pool with a workout that just about did me in. Felt great and pumped up...until I walked in the door and realized just how truly exhausted I am. But it's that good kind of "my carcass is cooked" kind of exhausted. LOL

    You take your breaks when you need to. You're not beholden to anybody and your blog should always be when you feel like posting something. Taking care of you has to be the priority.


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