Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hump Day Fun Poll

It's mid-week and I've got nothing exciting to report other than yesterday I just got the new strength training routine from Girls Gone Strong that I'm excited to look at. 

So let's do a fun poll.

Do you strength train?  If so, how often and what weight range do you typically lift?

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  1. I strength train 3 times per week with heavy dumbbells. I am glad we do because I am so much stronger as a result and it is a great workout.

  2. Yep, 2-3 times per week with kettlebells right now. I life heavy, whatever kind of training I am doing.

  3. I do strength train on the opposite days of my swimming, and I typically use light to mid weights depending on the exercise, with the average being around 8 lbs.

  4. No but want to. Scared of injury.

  5. I did in my 30s and I know how critical it is to losing weight and staying fit. But ever since I herniated a disk 6 years ago I've had a hard time getting back into it. I'm so prone to injury. Even doing body weight training is hard to do consistently.

  6. I do:) Usually 3-4 times per week with only one of those being heavy. Like EML above I have herniated discs and had a spinal fusion almost 20 years ago. So I’ve got to be very careful. But I’ve learned to modify a lit by bracing against a wall, doing some bicep and tricep exercises laying down when necessary due to pain. The biggest thing for me is to limit the new trend of combo exercises and to go much slower. Weights have always been an integral part of my ongoing health. The days off are usually walk days.

    1. I should follow your lead and quit trying the combo exercises. I have access to a community weight room where I could do isolation exercises but feel self-conscious about showing up, hitting two stations, then leaving. I need to get over myself.


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