Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ant life grand?

Don't really have much to report other than we're dealing with a minor ant infestation...

All of the contents of our pantry are on the cutting board sized countertops.  I realized that after I shattered a ramekin with the shards potentially going into my tuna fish and all over the floor.  I calmly grabbed the broom, swept up the shards, threw away the tuna and grabbed a bowl of cereal.  I set out the Terro ant traps (which ALWAYS take care of those bastards) and left the kitchen.  (affiliate link)

More crap after that so was a great Wednesday. 

(dripping with sarcasm)

Anyone else got anything poopie to share?

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  1. They're so tiny it's hard to imagine you could ever completely keep them out of just about anywhere they want to go. Also, it amazes me how a pantry can get so many tiny crumbs on the shelves. It's not like we prepare food over it or something. It's just the act of grabbing items, getting what you need from it and putting it back that somehow manages to add crumbs over the course of a few years and boy those tiny ants love it!

  2. My pool is green, craptastic!
    Have a great day!

  3. I live in Florida, and with all the rain, we now have carpenter ants all over the house and also Palmetto bugs in the garage that will sometimes sneak into the house. And spiders, did I mention spiders? I hate Florida.

  4. My husband has shingles and we have rabbits multiplying in our backyard at an alarming rate. It kind of looks like they've called a town hall meeting as they sit around the trees and then chase each other for the "romance."


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