Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thursday babble


Good morning everyone!  Happy day before Friday.

It has thankfully been quieter from Tuesday on as far as any looming projects/people expected in our home.  (Sans the HOA person coming by today to inspect the patio.  I have no clue what that means other than they're being nosey but I'm not dealing with that one.)  That doesn't mean that I didn't still need a full decompression day on Tuesday as "waiting for the other shoe to drop" syndrome was still high.  I figured a meteor would hurl into the patio and leave a big crater.  To calm us down, we rented A Quiet Place(affiliate link)  Those of you who have seen the movie obviously get the joke.  There is no calm in that movie, it's a 90+ minute edge of your seat psychological mind fudge.  It was really good but probably not the movie I should've watched if I ever wanted my shoulders to leave my earlobes.  The girl in that is so cute and such a good actress.  I hope she goes on to do big things, she's completely talented.  It's always hard to see John as anything but Jim but it took a good swing breaking him out of that mold.  Highly recommended if you haven't seen it and there's no gore or anything.

I've started walking outside again regardless of the temps/humidity in the morning.  I noticed the end of last week after 2 weeks of walking indoors that my ankle and arch problems were flaring back up.  Apparently, it doesn't care for indoor walking and the lack of forward propelling of actual walking over the robotic feel of side steps, knee lifts and such is a long term no go.  I have no clue what that will mean for me come winter and it's zero degrees outside but I guess I'll light that bridge when I come to it.  My scar tissue on the left arm continues to be a hindrance to progress.  We did the Total Trainer Monday and I screamed in pain on two different moves.  It is incredibly frustrating but I'm hoping since the scar tissue from my fall in October is 90% healed that this will follow suit.  If the timeline is the same then I have a good few months ahead of me.  I started doing my ultrasound on it hoping that will speed things up.  I know it's bad because I can see it bulging out a little from the skin compared to the other side.  Pffft.

You know what I did yesterday that made me happy?  I decluttered my keychain.  My keychain was so friggin loud when I'd pull it out of my purse that I sounded like a 16-year-old in the 80's.  I had a Volcano House keychain, Hello Kitty Chicago keychain from the now defunct Sanrio store, a Hawaii license plate with my name on it keychain and one of those car escape tools keychain with about half of the keys on there that I don't use.  (affiliate link)  Now I'm down to just my car, house and mail key and my two grocery store mini cards.  It doesn't sound like Marley dragging the chains that he labored on link by link his whole life.   We did watch a movie on Amazon Prime last night called "The Joneses" with David Duchovny and Demi Moore.  If you have Prime, I'd recommend it.  One of the most original movies we've seen in a while!

What's on your keychain?

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  1. Yeah so it wasn't so relaxing but A Quiet Place was really good. I also really liked The Joneses, so at least we had some good entertainment this week for a change, eh? My keychain is pretty much utilitarian in that I have a keychain that allows me to take half of it off of the ring that has my car keyfob on it for when we valet park or when the car goes in for service so I can keep the house/mail/storm door keys out of anyone else's hands. It used to work well for getting the mail while leaving the car running but now that I have push button start again it's not as necessary for that.

  2. My keychain has a couple of loops attached together so I can separate my car key from the rest of it while keeping it on its own loop. So I have my car key and house key, a footprints keychain from my mom, and my dog Shamrock's gold bone ID tag, which always makes me smile. I had heard a long time ago that having a heavy keychain is not good for the ignition in the car and once I started having ignition switch issues, I realized I better lighten the load. LOL

  3. It might be that you can take a picture of the grocery store barcodes (phone) and scan that when you shop. We did that with our library cards too.

    Our grocery stores have option to punch in phone number and we all do that vs carrying mini cards. I use garage remote. My car has keyless entry. And I have fob on a neck cord, So I actually have nothing besides the fob on my “keys”.

  4. I don't have a key chain but just a ring. On that ring is my car key, house key, mailbox keys, a key to my mom's house, a key to my father's house, padlock keys for work, and a couple others that I can't remember what they are for but I'm to scared to get rid of. The car is keyless entry, so I really only get my keys out of my purse when I check the mail, as I am rarely the first person home at the end of the day.


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