Monday, January 23, 2017

Whirlwind Weekend

Happy Monday sassy peeps!

Since I regained my sense of smell (but still had the lovely sniffles and occasional hack that led to nothing "productive") I decided I wanted to go to this cupcake place.  I have been craving this place since we had it in Savannah almost 2 years ago and when I got my taste back, it was all I wanted.  It was only 3 hours away and that's right on the cusp of insanity to drive somewhere for lunch, we jumped on it.  I just was NOT up for the same Saturday, different version of indecisive lunch game.  Unfortunately that morning I was not feeling it.  I felt so draggy but since the Mr reminded me he'd gone to bed early the night before because we were supposed to road trip, I hopped in the car.  I told him I'd be trying to sleep on the way there and he said he'd finish up his audio book of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.   (affiliate link) There was no comfy position in the car that didn't put me into a kink fest and not in the fun way.  So I wouldn't say I slept per say but I attempted rest while some dude that sounded like the worm from Labyrinth yammered for 2 1/2 hours.

We got our cupcakes and grabbed some lunch but unfortunately we got in there as the Women's March was ending like 2 blocks away and everyone was either going to their car or where we were.  I snagged a 2 seater in the back while the Mr waited in line and it, of course, turned into whiny kid central.  I could feel my ovaries trying to shrivel and roll out of me in protest.

On our way back, we stopped at some antique stores.  You always see things that range from heartwarming... heartstoppingly creepy...

Sunday we both slept in.  It was unseasonably warm which we both hate.  So figured it was a good time to walk the historic district and then go to the grocery to restock some produce for the week.  I got some black rice cooked while I was cooking dinner for other dinners this week and have some prep I need to do today.

Before we knew it, it was 8:30pm.  Pffft.

What did y'all get into this weekend?

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  1. It was good to get out of the house for sure and when the weather is on your side for a good drive why not? Had a good weekend overall but always shorter than it should be.

  2. I got almost nothing done this weekend. I did read a book and have some friends over Saturday night, but nothing really constructive. Still, the weekend flew by as if it never really happened at all.

  3. WHAT is that creepy thing supposed to be???

  4. I think I know Creepy Guy!! Reminds me of the torso we used to practice CPR back in 19(mumble, mumble)!

  5. I managed to haul a boatload of outdoor equipment and tools out of the basement (good Lord, who knew a bench vise weighed so much!) and that felt wonderful. It was a long day of driving but worth it. Broke down a good fifty boxes for recycling, and then I was pretty much tapped out. lol Finished a book and watched football after some grocery shopping. Pitiful really. Ha!


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