Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Classic eats and classic flicks

Happy Tuesday all!

The weekend was a pretty bland one since I'm still recovering.  The Mr seems to be over it for the most part which is good.  He was kind enough Friday morning when he heard me hacking up a lung to bring me some piping hot tea which really helped my desert like throat.  Then when I decided to take a bath, he brought in the tablet with The 1975's playlist on Vevo.  What a nugget.

I hope to get there by the weekend and be able to actually taste what I'm eating. I'm told I made a pretty wicked burger and fries...I bet they were good.  I bet this was too...

I used a mix of the Mr's favorite cheese, Orne Meadows from Cabot (which we'll never find until we go to Vermont again) and some pepper jack.  It did feel good on the throat though between the hot soup and the scratchy bread.

The groceries wait for no one.  We were expected to get some ice storm (didn't happen) so we went out Friday night to do Trader Joe's and Target.  Then Sunday we did our last grocery store run and stocked up on veggies and such.  Since we're going to throw in a few meatless meals here and there, I needed to pick up some extras including a major container of mixed greens for a big salad.

That would be salad greens tossed with TJ's bacon onion vinaigrette, roasted sweet potato, carrot slices, clementine wedges, half a serving of walnuts and an egg.  I was skeptical it would be able to keep me full but did about as fair as anything else I eat so that's good.  I did need a cup of hot tea later to keep the satiety going but no biggie.

I don't know what the deal is but ever since we got back, I have been friggin' ravenous.  It's taken all of my restraint not to stress eat and that's even with a cold for crap I can't even taste.  I have GOT to get that under control because I still have 5 vacation pounds to get off me bum.

Last night we watched the cult classic The Warriors.   (affiliate link) We were WAY too young to see it when it came out.  It was heavily cheesy where the gangs were concerned and I still couldn't see Michael Beck as anything but Sonny Malone from Xanadu  (affiliate link) which I did see back in the day because Olivia Newton John was my girl crush.  When the last gang to approach were on skates, I began whistling Xanadu and expected Kira to rush past the thug with her glowy self and sweep Sonny off to Coney Island.  I guess I'm glad I can say I've seen it now?  It was funny to see Dexter's dad and T-Bird from The Crow in their early days.  We rounded out the evening by watching the MLK documentary I told you about yesterday which meant I blew my nose a lot...well, more than normal.

What cult classic movies have you not seen yet?

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  1. I do hope you feel better soon as well. It feels like our entire month so far has been hindered by our ills and that is no way to start a year. The Warriors was not quite what I was expecting but glad we finally saw it at least. I liked parts of it but they were getting really creative when it came to the gang types there, lol.

  2. We watched The Warriors too! I loved Michael Beck back in the day but never did see this at the theaters. "You see what you get when you mess with the Orphans!" Yeah, they were stretching there....

  3. I too hae just been ravenous since Christmas. I've put on about 10 pounds....and need to get themoff plus a few more, cause all my clothes are tight. I did fially get rid of all the binge worthy food in my house--(chocolate chips--I ate them by the bagful!), so it helps when I get hungry the only thing to snack on is oranges, apple and bananas. I really hope to get a handle on this before it gets out of control like it did last time, when I woke up finally 14 months later, 53 pounds heavier. Took me most of the year last year to get that back off, and I don't want to have that much to take off this time! Your meals are always so attractive visually, I should work on that--makes healthy stuff taste so much better when it LOOKS good. Be well!!

  4. Hi there! I work at Cabot Cheese and saw your post! You might be able to find Orne Meadows near you, I'm in the DC area and can! Check the storefinder: https://www.cabotcheese.coop/where-to-buy look under Founders Collection: Orne Meadows :) Fingers crossed! wendy@cabotcheese.com

  5. Aw man, I'm so sorry you finally got the crud. I was hoping it would bypass you and that in-between state you were in would have just gotten better. Of course not. Gah! And it's the WORST when you can't taste anything, but still want to start chewing on the countertops and anything not nailed down. Unfortunately I've never been one to lose my appetite when I'm sick, unless nausea is involved. My appetite is always up and active, the rat bastard. I so hope you feel better soon and can breathe, sleep, and taste again before the week is out. Sending you lots of virtual hugs and tissues. xoxoxoxo


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