Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sorry I'm a little late

I know, I'm late on the "new year, new me" bandwagon but I've had other things on my figurative plate so I apologize.  You may remember last year I told you that I'm not a resolution person and had no real desire to pick a word for the year...I rarely stick with it.  I revealed my motto which may have seemed pretty dismal but it was the first time I actually put a new year's thought like that into action.

A reminder for those who don't have time to click the link, it was "if you don't care, I don't care."  I also posted a sign with this saying...

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I tried very hard to do that.  It took some reminding from people who knew it was my goal including the Mr who, God love him, probably talked to death more issues than he cared to on the health front. When the subject of Grandma came up, I smiled, kept my mouth shut and said as little as possible. Obviously the Mr and I would yap about it when out of the situation but for the most part I just kept my lip zipped.  I said my goodbyes to Grandma at Thanksgiving as everyone was fairly certain this holiday season was her last.   Even though I would express frustration with the situation, I spent last year making peace with the fact that decisions had been made, they are not what I would've done and no amount of crying, stressing and stating my opinion would change it.  I am kind of dead inside on the subject.

The problem is, I became dead inside on many things.  It was not a good year and not just because of what was going on in pop culture.  I had an entire year full of leg issues and a lot of tears were shed and a lot of money spent to fix it.  (The bills are rolling in and boy when they say chit rolls downhill...welcome to the valley, yo!)  I am still not fully recovered but better and know that full physical therapy at least 3x week is my reality for life.  It may have been our 20 year anniversary but I'm not ashamed to admit to you all that it was not the Mr and I's best year.  I'm hopeful though.  What is "bad" to us is probably someone else's dream.  Just some tweaks that need to be made.  With the baking channel came a LOT of stress for both of us due to a time crunch and my ambitious plans but I'm hoping it's something that will give us a good base going forward as I continue to share my passion.  So it was a stressful year on many levels and one I'm glad to be putting to bed.

The Mr has some work related stuff he needs to get done early this year so I will help him with that if he needs it.  I need to sit down and work out a schedule for my work stuff because time just flies too damn fast anymore to wing it.  I will continue to set boundaries on issues that have no middle ground.  The weight loss stuff?  Well, that's probably worth a whole other blog.  We're still getting back to a good rhythm on the exercise front with a small setback on the ankle due to being lax on vacation with PT and the Mr recovering from his creeping crud.  Of course it looks like I could be catching it too so I may be in for a rest day or two depending on how bad it gets.  This week will likely be more of formulating a plan of action.  I bought a food plan through a website we use all the time for meal ideas since I'm in a food rut and have ZERO desire to do a fad.  Unfortunately it looks like I purchased a pre-planned food rut (I swear I typed turd instead of rut uncontrollably 3x) since everything basically looks like "have an omelet for breakfast and spend the rest of your time throwing veggies in beans, quinoa and/or rice."  I wasn't looking to go vegetarian.  But I suppose we'll consider making a few more meals per week along those lines.  I'll think on it more as the week progresses into grocery refill weekend and figure out where the hell I'm going to keep even MORE veggies in the fridge.

So yeah, I have no word for the year.

I have no motto.

I have no bandwagon I'm jumping on.

Just a little time this week to formulate a plan going forward as we assess goals both physical and mental.

How would you say 2016 went for you overall?

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  1. 2016... I know it was a rough year for a lot of people, but 2015 was my terrible year. 2016 ended up being a year of recovery and healing in a lot of ways. I'm hoping that in 2017 I can make some forward progress in several areas of my life.

    Several times a week I tell myself "I can't care more than they do". For me it's mostly work related, kids that are capable but refuse to do any work. For you I know that it's intensely personal and nearly impossible to take that step back so I'm proud of you for the effort you've put in there. You're right that you can't change anything, and the only thing you can do is to protect yourself as best you can.

    I've found a couple of websites that will give you recipe ideas based on what you have in your freezer/cupboard. Not sure how helpful that is to you, but it's something I'm going to try using as I make a concentrated effort to use up everything in my freezer.

  2. You most certainly did have one heck of a year. I'm glad you're not forcing yourself to come up with a motto or specific word for this year. You're taking your time to formulate a plan for this year and understanding that tweaks are perfectly okay. I'm proud of you for that.

    2016 had two wonderful things to it for me: my hysterectomy and the Cubs winning the World Series. That second one may sound funny, but I cannot express the joy (and nonstop tears) I had watching it. Being that my family are all die hard fans, it was just very cool to see and be a part of. The hysterectomy and FINALLY getting diagnosed with Adenomyosis was an incredible gift to me after 10 solid years of horrible issues. The anemia was horrendous, but I finally feel like that is righting itself and I've noticed my hair is starting to spring back some now too.

    The crap stuff in 2016 was REALLY crappy. Tons of stress, money worries, relational issues that really came to a head, and some newly diagnosed health issues, which threw me for a loop. I think I went into denial for a while there on one issue in particular, but there's no hiding from it now. On the plus side of all of that though was starting therapy. That has been such a gift to me and I'm thankful every single day that I have the therapist I do and have come to learn things about myself that are putting puzzle pieces together to form a new me that I never knew could be.

    I think my focus for 2017 is about planning. And by that I mean putting forth the effort to have some structure in my daily living, while not being so anal that a change in plans causes me to throw up my hands in frustration and quitting. That was a big problem for me last year and I really don't want to repeat that because it only hurt myself when there was no reason for it to. So that's the plan, stan. =o)

  3. 2016 was not the best until our trip at the end. That was just awesome! Now 2017 is here and I feel like I already missed a lot due to this stupid cold and I have a ton of work to do. Already playing catch-up but the payoffs later will be worth it all!

  4. Rough. Two painful surgeries, financial chaos....I try to focus on the positive but it gets blurry sometimes. Positives were one son moved closer and dh and I are good. Since he's really my home, the rest is just the rest,


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