Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Playing nursemaid

One thing about that whole "on this day" stuff on social media is that it reminds you of past things you've shared.  Like the fact that for 8 of the last 9 years, I've been sick for the new year.  The only exception being 2011 into 2012 and it was the most amazing NYE of either of our lives because we were in Chicago and watched fireworks from a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan at midnight.

I thought having skipped Christmas with the fam and getting through Christmas Eve service surrounded by sick Vermonters, we'd dodged a bullet.  I got home unscathed.  The day after arriving home, the Mr felt like he was fighting something.  That's always as far as it goes.  For one day he feels like something might be coming on and the next day he's fine.  Well, after a night on the Thruway pushing doors and touching gas pumps at service stations after everyone got sick from their families, his immune system apparently couldn't take it.  We took Emergen-C everyday and were pretty diligent with hand sanitizer...on the way out.  I think we got a little lax on the way back.  He's usually done within 4-5 days max and is now on day 7 which may be a record for him.  Me?  I get sick and I'm down for 2 weeks, no sense of smell for 10 days.  I don't remember the last time he was sick but his already loud snore turns into something of a jet engine scenario.

The bed at the cabin nearly broke my back but a close second is our couch.  (Thanks Pottery Barn)  It's not a fun sleep at all.  In his first few days, I gave him the bed to get rest but I got none on the couch.  Then I could feel my legs trying to seize up from being crammed in a confined space for hours...hello recipe for a re-flare of compartment syndrome.  He gave me the bed and took the couch to take his turn with crappy sleep.  He thought sleeping in the basement where he could breathe better would be a good idea.  When he swore something hissed at him down there, he was back on the couch.  I feel bad for him because I can tell he's in misery.  He's not really one of those guys that whines and such.  I mean he'll complain from time to time but no more than I do when I'm sick.  But when he gets sick, I immediately go into nursemaid mode.

I think I've pumped him full of more green tea than should be allowed by law with a nice swirl of raw honey.  I made him homemade eucalyptus salve, spicy chicken broth to promote sinus draining and made meals based on nutrients I thought he needed.  There's just something about doing all you can to make someone you love feel better when they feel like a poo bag.  (As I type, he's head bobbing trying to hang in there for the last of Bull.)

I pray I don't get it or whatever the four people all around me had at the movies today.  (Passengers.  Good but rent it.)  I guess I'll know in two days.

How long do your colds/flu usually last?  Do you go into nursemaid mode for your spouse or let them fend for themselves?

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  1. I'm sorry your Mr. ended up sick. I had hoped that being mostly away from people and stress for Christmas would let you guys avoid the annual "holiday bug". I hope you get off easy this time.

    I usually get better in 3-4 days (although "better" is a relative term) or I end up at the doctor with a sinus or ear (or both) infection.

    Maybe it's time to invest in a comfy recliner? It may not match your couch, and probably wouldn't go with your decor, but it would be really handy when one of you is sick. I love my reclining couch when I'm sick.

  2. My own colds usually last between 4 and 5 days. I only take medicine for them at night, when I know I need a good night of sleep. Nyquil is my best friend, but it has to be Nyquil and not the generic. I find the generic has extra ingredients in it that dry out my sinuses and make me feel horrible in the morning. The Nyquil doesn't do that.

    With regards to playing nursemaid, I try to, but my significant other won't let me. He prefers to just lay on the sofa and whine, but not do anything to improve his symptoms or speed his recovery. I now just ignore it and go about my day as if he isn't sick.

  3. My husband is a hypochondriac so inlet him fend for himself 😜

  4. The percentage of times we've been sick after the holidays is terrible and we are always doing a lot to avoid it so that is especially sad.

    All I can say right now is thank you so much for all the help you've been. This is one of the slowest moving colds I've had and it's so annoying but at least I have the best nurse maid a guy could have to help me out!

  5. I usually get some sort of cold once a year and the initial part (fever, sore throat, etc) lasts about a week. The problem I have is the remaining "fuzzies" in my chest that make coughing last a good three weeks. That's more annoying than anything because I can't sleep or talk without hacking.


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