Friday, January 13, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #2

Happy Friday all!

This week seemed to zip by for some reason which is odd because I was awake for most of it at all hours.  If anyone knows of cleaning fairies that are willing to magically clean my house and put everything exactly where I would without me having to tell them, I'd be down with that.

But enough of my domestic goddess fantasies, let's get to...

It's all good: Any exercise cuts risk of death, study finds  (Get up and get movin'!)

Classic Covers: New Year’s Resolutions  (Yeah, that first one looks like me)

Why Building “Long and Lean Muscles” Is A Myth and How You Can Get Strong and Lean!  (Interesting stuff)

What 1 Woman Did After Being Fat Shamed by 3 Skinny Girls at the Gym  (Great article but barf, can we STOP using the term "shamed" for everything?  Over it)

My 6-Month CrossFit Transformation Isn't What I Thought It'd Be  (Good message for those who think "my body should look like X after X amount of time)

7 Things People Who Lose Weight Do Every Day  (Word up)

7 Foods to Eat When You're Sick   (I'd better get to it)

Smartphone Deniers  (Any deniers here?  The only reason I have a smartphone is for the camera.  Literally no data plan!)

5 Ways to Finally Get Your Ass in Gear and Quit Stalling  (I will, I will...sheesh!)

Heart Attack Signs You Must NEVER Ignore and How To Prevent Them!  (You MUST know the difference between symptoms for men and women...they aren't the same!)

The 1 Photo Going Viral to Help Women Detect Breast Cancer  (Memorize this!)

How To Hygge (Or: 29 Ways To Actually Enjoy Winter)  (These are EXCELLENT suggestions for people who are actually getting snow which is not me so...)

I did manage to get two good cardio sessions of Tae Bo and Turbo Fire in this week.  I didn't die so that's a plus.  The Turbo Fire was a little more taxing because I was sore from a wicked PT session that left my legs already tight and sore so I had a bit of a tingling throughout and after the workout where my "yank points" have been.  I'll take it easy tonight.

If you need me, I'll be on the couch hacking up a lung at the world's most slow moving, irritating kind of a cold, kind of not but enough to disrupt my life event I'm living through.

I hope you have better plans!  Spill 'em!

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  1. TGIF! Looks like you have some great links to take in. Everyone have a great weekend!

  2. Excellent reading links! I love the photo for detecting breast cancer - I've seen so many women posting the red hearts and I'm so glad someone posted this as much better way to be aware. I'm just getting over the crud you have now - lasted 10 days and it was so stinking aggravating! The coughing was so bad I thought I broke a rib! Get well soon!!! Happy weekend!

  3. Great articles. Those Saturday Evening Posts were awesome! Boy can I relate! LOL

    This weekend is going into the suburbs to work on some things and he hubs will be coming with for a couple of hours to help. Then it's working on cleaning out my inboxes for my emails. I have so much stuff saved "for later" that it's like two months past and I need to just read it, do it, save it, or delete it. And if I'm feeling it, I may make a new soup too. Or at least get the ingredients to make for next week. Need to noodle around for one I want to try. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you feel better SOOOOOOON!! xo


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