Friday, January 27, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #4

Happy Friday y'all!

*Yawn*  I gots no sassy banter, so let's get straight to...

12 Exercise Swaps to Help You Break Through a Plateau  (I love these moves!  Going to start incorporating them!)

How to Make a Buddha Bowl for Weight Loss  (Yum!)

10 Effortless Ways to Dress Up Your Avocado Toast  (I don't know if any of these will sway me or not...avocados make me want to yarf)

Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds, You Do: 6 Ways to Get Over It and Move On  (Some good tips!)

How to Help a Loved One Lose Weight Without Hurting Their Feelings   (Good info given we kind of touched on this earlier this week)

Salmon With Tapeworms Have Arrived in the U.S.  (Yay?  Thank God I buy frozen!)

14 Reasons You're Always Tired  (Well, these can be some of the reasons)

Tips for Working Out at Home When It’s The Last Thing You Want To Do  (All good tips and I just found some new YouTubers that I can add to the list too for some variety)

How to Take Pressure Off Your IT Band  (That IT band can be a bugger!)

Science Says You Don't Need a Standing Desk, After All -- You Only Need This  (Thank God because I've worked retail and the thought of standing all day does not sound appealing.  But good suggestions!)

Phishing scam targets Gmail users  (Read and be wary!)

TCM Remembers Debbie Reynolds   (If you're looking to go on a binge fest.  I've got Singin' in the Rain set to record...never seen it.  Don't judge me.)

Well, just when you think the crud is officially gone, this version apparently likes to bow back up on you and give you all the symptoms you had at the start.  I swear to God if it takes away my sense of smell again, I'm going to start breaking things.  So beware if you catch whatever this's a long, irritating bugger but I'll take it over the other thing that's going around, I guess.

What are you guys into this weekend?

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  1. TGIF again! This week went by at a better pace. Funny how that happens when you do not start the week with a day off.

  2. I giggled at the Buddha Bowl because I have a Buddha belly...snort! All great articles. Really liked the one about the IT bands and will be incorporating those exercises (already doing the clamshells you gave me).

    I'm so sorry this crap has come back on you! I was hoping it was completely gone, other than that furry cough that likes to hang on forever. I hope all your taste buds and senses come now!

    This weekend is busy with a meeting in the morning, then off to the burbs to unloads some book cases and get the books into the garage (sooooo dreading that) and then back again on Sunday with help from the hubs to bring loads up from the basement, which will be a HUGE weight off my shoulders (literally and figuratively). I did the grocery shopping today (shout out to moi for saving $51.99 in coupons!) because I knew I'd be toast by the time I was done with the burbs and the drives.


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