Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, all!

Saturday we got up and despite the Mr initially feeling better, the longer we were out, the more congested he got.  I could tell it was irritating him and he was just starting to feel like poo again.  I had to get out of the house because my only contact with the outside world was PT and let me tell you, that wasn't fun.  But what always makes everything better momentarily?  Puppies.

So while we got to get out, it wasn't necessarily fun for him then it got not so fun for me so I suggested we go home and not bother with dinner out.  A pit stop at home was what we needed and we were back out again.  We had a nice dinner and the Mr seemed to be feeling a little less crappy.

Speaking of PT,  since I took most of my vacation off of PT, (mistake) I decided for some reason that when I did my first gastroc stretch when I got back that I would still have the same range of motion as the last time I did it.  I did not and I over-stretched it.  Then it crazy contracted because it was pissed at me for overstretching it two days in a row before I got the message and then I had to try to make up for taking time off before seeing her so I did PT including moves I hadn't done regularly (lunges, regular squats and star excursions without touching).  When I went to see her, she gave me two new variations to do on clamshells and bridges that will cripple me. Matter of fact, I was so overloaded, I had to take 2 days off of full PT at home.  I now know the tests she will put me through to finally release me so I know I need to concentrate on lunges and the hellish new bridges once my legs loosen back up.  She wanted me to get one of those big exercise balls to do the bridges on but two problems with that  1) we have ZERO room for that thing.  I mean I'm seriously stressed just trying to find homes for Christmas presents much less a 2 1/2' wide ball and 2) it hurt SO bad when I was doing it that it felt like every muscle from ankle to ass was going to lock on me.  I don't see that being a make or break move for me.  I told her there's no way I could fit that ball  in there and she said to use some couch cushions or something.  Uh, because that's smaller?  So I bought these  (affiliate link) instead which will fit in our area.  I'm going to try them out sometime this week as a test run while still in the return window time and then move to that in a week or two.  I just refuse to continue overloading muscles because the therapist wants me to do it daily.  (I've been supposed to be doing 2x per day but that has never been a possibility for me so I've only ever done it once a day the whole time.)  I'm going to have to listen to my body and everyone else will have to deal with it.

Sunday was like a total time suck.  I stayed in bed reading a book until 11am because the Mr was on the couch and I didn't know what time he went to bed and didn't want to disturb him.  But my back was done for.  I got up and made brunch and then we started breaking down the Christmas tree.  About halfway through, I could tell something was off.  Yep...I'm getting sick.  Yeah because I didn't just go through this 2 1/2 months ago coming home from Virginia.  Note to self (and you)...never, ever, EVER go to the movies within 2-3 weeks after the holidays when everyone around you is sick and coughing.  They (including the Mr) are at a point where they're tired of being cooped up and want revenge on healthy people who came out unscathed.  Effers.  So I won't know until you're reading this if my body decided to fight or white flag it.  The Mr was kind enough to go to the grocery for some produce and tissue refuel.  I warmed up turkey legs and wings for dinner and some garlic potatoes.  We looked through our Christmas cards and recounted some of our favorite moments from Christmas vacation.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. With being kind of down and out due to illness it hasn't felt like a great new year yet but I'm looking forward to when we both feel better and can really get to it!

  2. She must have figured that you already had couch cushions and could put them back on the couch when not using them. A lot of couched don't have removable cushions though.

    I hope you don't get as sick or for as long as last time.

    This weekend was chores, grocery run, grading papers, and reading my book. Plus a giant batch of breakfast burritos for mornings on the run.

  3. Oh that puppy is so stinking cute!! They really do make the world better don't they? Happy sigh...

    I'm sorry your PT was rough with the new exercises. Doing bridges is hard enough as it is, but having variations thrown in there cannot be fun. I hope your legs respond quickly to daily work without getting overtaxed so you can begin to feel that change for the better.

    My weekend was pretty quiet, but did get some things done around the house and got in some good reading. I really should have been working on some chores, but I didn't -- as usual. I'm doing that this week though and working on one section every day.


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