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Monday, January 30, 2017

Childhood's over weekend recap

Monday...we meet again ye rat bastard.

It was a pretty low key weekend for the most part.  We went out to lunch Saturday and the kitchen totally screwed the pooch on both of our orders.  I don't usually send stuff back but the server was totally apologetic and took both of our dishes back but that meant we had to wait another 20 minutes in addition to the 25 we'd already been there.  The Mr spied our entrees on the ledge and the server checking them out and arguing with the cooks and then he called the manager over.  Yikes.  The next thing I knew, the manager was bringing our plates out and said if there was anything at all wrong with them to let her know and lunch was on her.  The only thing that tastes better than the food you ordered with anticipation is FREE food.  We gave the dude a $10 tip because he was so on it and we wanted him to have the incentive to keep up that customer service.  The Mr had to swing by the sporting goods store so we did that, a quick stop at Sur La Table to replace my skillets since they're having a 55% off sale and to World Market to replace two little bowls that crashed down on me last week.

We also decided to swing by a mom and pop store that was closing.  My dad's mom used to take me there when I was little and it was the only place I could walk into a few times a year and still smell my childhood.  As I stood in the middle of some random aisle with half the shelves empty, I stood there and wept like an ass.  I couldn't help it.  It's truly the last place from my childhood that was exactly as I left it and now in a few months it'll be gone and stripped of all of it's contents.  I wanted to run through the aisles with 100 mason jars to capture that smell but I know it doesn't work that way.  Why can't some things just stay the same for those of us who don't need big fancy stores or whatever.  They were the only place that carried our low carb tortillas in the flavor we liked.  We would buy stocking stuffers from there.  We bought things for the house during various phases of our married life from there.  The past 10 years I wondered if it was on borrowed time but since it always seemed to be busy, I figured it would always be there.  But, you know, if places like bog box stores you just assumed would always be there are closing, then mom and pops have about a quarter of the chance of making it.  Sigh.

Not far down the street is an antique warehouse so we took a gander...

A cool repurposed light that I would have nowhere to put it so I didn't even ask and now as I type, I realize it could look cool on the mantel but as I type that I realize it was $100 and I ain't payin' that.  Movin' on.

We saw this Bruno Mars bobble head...

Okay, maybe it was Reggie Jackson.

My big score was finding my edition of Clue from childhood and since my childhood is going down the tubes and it was in perfect condition inside (sans the tape issue on the front)  I bought it for $15!

I used to think Mrs Peacock on the far left was Jean Stapleton from All in the Family and thought the maid Mrs White looked like Aint Bea from Andy Griffith.  We played Clue about 3 months or so ago and these people and the patterns are what were missing for me so I will gladly donate mine now.  Fun fact about me, the movie Clue  (affiliate link) is one of my favorite so called guilty pleasure movies but for me it's all pleasure, no guilt.  Run Mr...I'm gettin' the itch.

By far the MOST favorite thing I saw there was this...

I almost wee'd myself laughing because when I saw the outside of the box I squeed and opened the box and thought the exact same thing!  So glad someone beat me to it and I love that someone was irked to the next degree to leave the seller a note.

The next morning we got up late and I made brunch.

I love brunch...brunchy brunch brunch.

It was grocery restock weekend and I put off TJ's and Target for Sunday.  Mistake.  The sharks were circling in the TJ's lot and to keep bail money in the bank, I suggested we park in the open meter space because I just wasn't having it.  It felt like we were at each store for an hour so by the time we were done, our day had been sucked down to nothing but at least the fridge was stocked.

Then we had a turkey burger for dinner and some organic tortilla chips and salsa and I came to recap for y'all.

What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. I don't mind watching Clue. Tim Curry is the best and it has it's funny moments even if it's a little on the corny side at times. Wish I had seen it in theaters when they did the alternate endings though. I know you got to see it that way and I bet that was neat. I am very sad about the store closing but we have a little more time so I think we need to go back at least once more to take it all in, especially that smell!

  2. Several years ago a place like that here closed. It wasn't my childhood because I moved here as an adult, but it was the childhood of so many people. It was my absolute favorite store in town, and if definitely had it's own unique scent. You never knew what you'd find there, but it was always fun to look and you could rely on certain staples. Plus they had a diner attached that was run by some amazing cooks.

    This weekend I saw Hidden Figures at the theatre. I've never been to a movie before where the audience actually gave the movie a standing ovation. It was weird. Good movie though, I bet you guys would like it.

  3. I had Clue as a kid too, and thought that same thing about Jean Stapleton! That was the only board game I ever got and I loved it. That's too funny about the empty box of cards! What's the point?!?

    Weekend was very busy but quite productive getting things in the burbs worked on. Got tons of heavy bins and boxes out of there, six bags of garbage to my curb from it all, and a happy camper who picked up one of those industrial yellow mop buckets that we left on the curb. My butt is quite sore from the lifting, but I'm not as sore anywhere else as I thought I'd be. All in all, it was a nice weekend and the dogs were thrilled with some long car rides. =o)


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