Friday, December 30, 2016

Year in Review

I have to say I will not be sad to see 2016 in the rear view mirror.  Our 20th anniversary trip was probably the worst trip we ever had in Hawaii and we STILL haven't watched footage from it or looked at pictures.  I hope to be able to do that in the coming year.

Of course you all have hung in with my struggle with this injury (caused, in part, by said crappy trip) and spent most of the year recovering from it.  I am looking forward to going into this new year stronger and maintaining the lessons physical therapy has taught me.  One of them being if your butt isn't sore after a walk, you'd better get to doing clam shells and side squat walks asap!

We are carrying on our tradition of listing what things made us happy every day and honestly, if I didn't have that list to look back on, I would feel like the whole year was just a huge waste.  Tomorrow night, we'll read each day and it's always fun to see what's on each other's list for the same day to see if what made one of us happy made the other one happy too.  It actually takes a few hours!

Here's a sneak peek of some of mine:

1/4- The Mr said “sometimes when you smile, I can see your Grandma.”

2/1- NO CANCER!!!

2/27- listened to The 1975’s new album, Mr told me my burgers could beat Bobby Flay

5/6- Nakalele blowhole hike, Fatt Chicks burgers, walked up 100+ steps at Iao Valley without dying, massage on lanai

7/10- sunset paddle

9/3- lost 1 lb despite very little cardio this week, nice bday dinner at fancy restaurant, told a heavier woman dressed to the nines she looked stunning in her outfit- I hope it made her smile the rest of the night as much as it did when I told her

9/9- putting my cold arms inside of pant legs fresh out of the dryer

9/23- Stayed out of jail

10/9- Surprised the Mr with a trip to Shenandoah- the last on his childhood vacation bucket list

10/21- Got all of the Christmas cards addressed and written out

10/30- Drove to Kent OH to meet The 1975.  My man George was the only one who bothered to acknowledge us which proves I know how to pick 'em.  Mr was kind enough to freeze his nuts off for my happiness.

11/15- saw Hershey kiss bell Christmas commercial for the first time this season

As you can see there are some big things like you know, not having cancer and getting a smile from my favorite band member that made me happy as well as little things like complimenting someone else to an old school Christmas commercial.

While I swear the years since we've started this project have felt crappy all around making me wonder if we jinx ourselves by doing this project, it's still nice to look back and appreciate those things you may have forgotten about.

Happy New Year to you all!  Thank you for hanging in with me and for the joy you bring to my life with your comments, emails and support.  You'll never know what it means to me.

What was your lowpoint and highpoint of 2016?  What are you hopes for 2017?

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  1. September 23rd must have been a rough day if the thing that made you happy for the day was staying out of jail.

    I like this idea, and it sounds like a really nice way to spend the evening with your Mr. My high point was the trip to Mexico over spring break - seeing my son in the ocean for the first time and snorkeling with he and my dad was fantastic.

  2. Hi. Happy almost New Year! What I'm grateful for... my dad still being at home with my mom. It was very tense through the summer but since then we have taken some household tasks off their plate lightening the load and they are both at home enjoying being old together. I am grateful for your insight into this disease and watchful that no one person is overburdened including mom. Thank you Anele. Also, my hubby had a health scare in October and although not the heart attack we thought, still scary. We have made great strides in his health and we are finally both on the same page with eating to live. I'm grateful for friends I've never met and those I see regularly and pray we all grow closer to each other and closer to God in 2017. Happy New Year!!!!!!

  3. Oh and in August we went to Lake Tahoe and Mammoth. Both awesome. The Sierra Nevada are beautiful mountains. My baby graduated college in April and is now a 3rd grade teacher. And we celebrated 7 wonderful years of marriage and growing closer everyday. Man it was a good year.

  4. What a great idea and list! Something to consider doing.... This year wasn't too bad for me. I bought my first (and likely last) new car and made some progress getting to the gym consistantly (which I need to get back to). Have a nice New Years!

  5. I absolutely love this idea of writing down something every single day of the year. And then reading them before the year is out is an awesome idea. I remember one year I sat down and wrote down all the crap I wanted to let go and put them on scraps of paper and put them in a shoebox. When I was all done, I burned the shoebox in the chiminea on the deck. It felt like a good purging. But I like your idea even more. Very positive and a good way to reflect on those good moments.

  6. High points were turning 50, going to Hawaii, teaching my 16 year old to drive, getting 2 cars into our garage, maintaining a 70 pound weight loss almost 5 years, getting a all clear for that special colon screening.

    Low points: not many, but I will count this as a low: being awake during that special screening... Ugh. LOL. Onward!


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