Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sharing YOUR trees!

The holidays are in full swing and it's time to share your trees and holiday decor!

Diane was the first to send me her tree...isn't it beautiful!?  I love white trees, the ornaments really pop on them and they just somehow seem more wintry to me.   I also love how the stockings are hung all ready to be filled!  I'd be tempted to keep it up and put red ornaments on it for Valentine's Day!  :-)  Thanks for sharing Diane!

Pam sent in all four of her trees.  Her love of cardinal ornaments couldn't be contained on just one tree and not wanting to keep them caged during the Christmas season, she just bought another tree!  A lady after my own heart!   These trees represent 46 years of collecting these ornaments during her marriage!  Thanks for sharing your trees and sleepy pup, Pam!

Christine sent in her gorgeous tree decked out in teal and silver with beautiful white lights.  I love the little snow couple in front and the decorations on the window framing everything out.  I've noticed this color combo is very popular this year and if she's had it for a few years then she's obviously a trendsetter!  Thanks for sharing Christine!

Dawn sent in pics of her beautiful tree all lit with multi-color lights and the perfect angel on top.  It looks like she got a beautiful layer of snow as well...what a perfect winter scene!  Bagel the pup is stylin' in that sweater and I'm betting not too anxious to get the paws in that snow!  Thanks for sharing, Dawn!

Donna says she and her hubby are self professed "Christmas lunatics" and they decorate with gusto! Their beautiful tree is all ready for a visit from Santa but first he's going to have to move Mr and Mrs Snowman from the front of the fireplace to drop them off!  I love the wintry mantel scene and all of the family pics on the hearth!  I can't quite tell but I think the stocking on the far right are butt flap pajamas and if that's the case, she's got 'splaining to do on that one!  Thanks for sharing Donna!

I'm so happy to have gotten these submissions to share.  I love seeing the way others decorate and the things that make their heart smile this time of year!  If you didn't get your tree submitted in time and usually put it up later in the month and want it included for next year, feel free to message me a current pic if you don't think it'll change much and I can include it in next year's post!  :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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  1. Everyone's trees are so beautiful! Merry Christmas y'all!!

  2. That was Fun! Thanks for sharing my pictures Anele and Merry Christmas to you and the Mr.


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