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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Elsewhere: Vintage Book Bunting

When the bunting craze hit Mach 5 a few years ago, I had no problem jumping on board.  I loved doing a burlap banner for our fall mantel and such.  Perusing Pinterest obviously gives you no shortage of ideas and I think I came across someone selling Little Golden Book bunting made out of baby themed books for a baby shower or something.  Well heck, I could do that with Christmas should I find one at an antique store.  And that's just what I did and here's how you can too!

Here's what you'll need:

A vintage children's book like Little Golden Books
Jute twine or ribbon of your choice
Piece of cardstock for making a template
1/4" Hole Punch (affiliate link) 
Pen or pencil for tracing
Glitter (optional)
Mod Podge (optional for you but not for me) (affiliate link) 
Satin finish tape (not pictured)

While on a road trip, I found this adorable book and it turns out the Mr had it as a kid and forgot about it!  Perfect!

Decide what kind of template you want.  Some do a pointy flag, I've seen kind of like upside down house shapes but I like this shape because it uses the most of the page.  I just printed it out at 5x7 and cut it out.  Center the template on the page and trace around the edges.

Cut the book page.

Originally, I was just going to use the pictures only to tell the story...

I was lucky that this book wasn't too wordy so I decided instead of it just being a visual story that I would cut the main parts of the story onto the banner as well.

I just grabbed the Mod Podge and slapped a little on the back of the phrase...

Then I attached it, smoothing it out to the sides so it wouldn't roll up on the ends.

You could keep it like that and be done as far as decorating is concerned.  But you know me, I likes mah clear glitter at Christmas time!  :-)  So I edged it with mod podge...

...and glitter.  (Tapping off the excess and putting it back in the jar via the paper underneath.)

When the glitter was dry, I put a piece of the clear tape across the top so that the ribbon or twine I used wouldn't snag and rip the holes as I threaded it.

Hole punch two holes at the top spaced equally apart.  Punch all of the pages before moving on to the last step.

Run all of the pages through the jute twine and space them the way you'd likely hang them.  I run my ribbon in the back of each bunting piece so no words in other pages get covered by the twine.

Then it's ready to hang!

Since we don't know exactly where this will go in our rental Christmas cottage,  I gave an extra foot of twine on each side and then we can cut as needed when we get there.

Ahhh!  I'm dying of Christmas cuteness!!

Obviously, you could use any theme you like for any occasion.  Holidays, baby showers or even to decorate a kids playroom with different children's favorites!

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  1. It will be nice to have something that is from my childhood represented in this way at Christmas. Good job!

  2. All this Christmas decoration creation is so cool. Your cottage is going to be so festive!

  3. Cutest.Thing.Ever. You are so crafty--Thanks for sharing this great idea!!

  4. You're awesome! I love your Christmas bunting - your cabin is going to so beautiful!!!

  5. This is just darling!!! I love the close ups of the different designs you used. So stinking CUTE!!


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