Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Food Review: Halo Top Chocolate Ice Cream

After I did the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough tasting of this stuff, I had to know how something basic like chocolate tasted.  Since it was still on sale, I decided to grab some.  ($3.99 compared to $5.49) The reviews I read weren't great but I like to decide for myself .

Yep, that's 240 calories per pint.  Half a pint could easily be a snack with very little guilt involved.

Let's check out the rest of the nutritional info.

Yep, I can totally dig that.

That's all well and good but how does it taste?

I'm not gonna lie, this will NEVER pass for regular ice cream.  If you like a more cocoa based chocolate, this is it.  There is no rich, creamy mouth feel in tastes like diet ice cream.  It reminds me of that Arctic whatever ice cream and I don't care for that stuff.  Is it bad?  No...not really but I would much rather eat full flavored chocolate and take the caloric hit than to eat a diet ice cream that I'm not totally jazzed about.  I foresee this getting tossed unless the Mr takes possession or I suppose if we want something a little different for our after workout snack since the protein is decent.

But yeah, I won't be buying that flavor again.

What's your favorite chocolate ice cream..."healthier" or not?

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  1. I've been wanting to try this because I've heard good things but the price at Publix stops me. Nice to read your review. Might be just as better to eat a small amount of regular ice cream for the texture, richness, creaminess, etc. as well as the price. Have you heard of Dough Bar doughnuts? Unfortunately they are only available mail order unless you live in CA. Another I want to try but not that desperate enough because of the price.

  2. Remember ice milk? I like that but no one has it.

    Being allergic to cocoa and not loving creamy textures this ice cream might be for me in another flavor. Thanks Anele


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